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Want to build your own glass bongs? The glass provides a sturdier pot taking into account more significant and better hits, and it will as a costly bought water pipe. Building a glass bong at home requires following steps to be followed:

Pick your container
While any glass jug can be transformed into a glass bong, a few pots are superior to others. Bottles with a Wide base and long neck are most suitable getting clean, precisely measured hole for the stem can be made in a bottle that has a little bow on the upper incline where the base joins the stem. 
Drill the hole

You will require a 3/4" diamond drill bit to bore the glass. 
Collect a downstream, bowl, and grommet
A 14mm glass bowl and downstream is required. Picking the perfect length of your downstream is vital. The distance from the curve of the bottle to the other end of the base is measured, and a downstream of the same length is acquired. The bowls and the downstream are easily available at nearby shops and are available online also. An elastic grommet with an outside diameter of  31/32", an inward diameter of 1/2", and a 3/4" groove is also needed. These are also available at nearby stores or can be bought online.

Clean the bottle
Clean the water with lukewarm water. Warm water enables the drill to go smoothly. 
Mark a spot to drill
Evacuate any plastic that may be inside the bottle. Discover a place on the bottle where the surface is flat, someplace on the bottle’s upper curve. With the help of the gasket, draw a circle with a sharpie.
Set up your devices
Connect the drill bit to your penetrate and utilize a battery controlled drill, as you will run water over the drilling are.

Flow a constant stream of water over the penetrated spot

To maintain the glass cool and avoid it from breaking, turn on the valve. Hold the glass bottle, so the water keeps running over the spot you marked. 
Begin the drill gradually

Set your device to 3/4 of its maximum speed and tenderly push it against the spot. To get an enduring drill, the first edge the tool, so it just touches the top point of the spot. Gradually edge the apparatus until the end that it is going into the glass at a 90-degree edge, utilizing the cutout edge. Once you are through the glass, ease up on the force a bit to abstain from splitting or breaking the bottle. 

Granulate away sharp edges and clean the glass
Smooth the sides of the gap using the drilling tool. Rinse the bottle many times to get the bits of glass out of the bottle. 

The grommet, stem, and bowl are placed
Hold your 3/4" grommet and fix it into the gap. At that point, run some water over your downstem and slide it into the grommet. Insert the bowl into the stem, and you' are done with the process.

Do not surge. You will squander numerous great bottles by rushing and making them split and break. 
The greater the bottle, the better the hit. Gallon-sized liquor bottles are the best. Do not utilize short, squat containers. Instead, use tall, more slender bottles. They compel the smoke to go through the larger amount of water. 
There will be glass shards in the container after you are finished. Precisely take them out with high-speed water. 
Hence, by following the above steps, it is effortless to make a glass bong at home. Relish it with various flavors. If you are looking to buy new glass bongs then you can visit this

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