Packing Liquids: Factors you should consider

by Diksha Sharma Blogger and writer

Be it package gels, semi-liquids, thick creams, or even semi-liquids, all of this can be done with liquid packaging. With the help of modern, flexible packaging machines, it has made the whole process of liquid packaging easy, clean and quick. 


Some factors that you need to consider regarding product filling and automated liquid pouch packaging are:


Viscosity should be your main priority


What does it mean? It refers to the resistance of a fluid to flow and describes a moving fluid's internal friction. Hence, a more viscous liquid moves slowly as it's resistant to flow. When you talk about a less viscous fluid, it has less internal friction and flows more smoothly.


This is one of the most crucial factors that you must consider when it comes down to liquid packaging as it affects the speed with which the liquid travels through the pip, sets and then dries, and it then is dispensed into the packaging. And, don't forget to measure the viscosity properly for proper packaging. Viscosity also determines the kind of filler you will require. It needs to supply enough force so that there is flow but not so much that it leads to overfilling.


Keep the filling temperature in mind 


The temperature at which your fluid product is filled plays a significant role in the whole packaging process, especially where the product filler is concerned. In case you didn't know, but liquid products flow more easily when heated as it causes viscosity to decline which results in freer flowing. So make sure you provide the right fill temperature to assure perfect packaging of your product.


Particulate size matters


There are certain liquid products that have particulates. They settle down at the bottom or might just remain suspended within the fluid. So it is of paramount importance to measure and describe the average size of them accurately and well as its general properties. All of this will determine the kind of product filler you should opt for.


These were some of the factors that you need to consider when talking about packaging liquid. Now the next question arises which packaging company you should trust with your products? Well, there are many companies out there, but one of the most trusted is UFlex. They have a business brand called Aseptic Liquid Packaging business that provides liquid packaging solutions to various sectors across the world.


They are the first aseptic packaging materials manufacturer that has an advanced facility in India located in the industrial hub of Sanand, Gujarat. Their liquid packaging solutions are designed to deliver ultimate customer convenience, easy opening and optimal shelf life to products like juices, Non-aerated alcoholic beverages and highly perishable liquid consumables like milk and other dairy products.




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