Oil Control Moisturizer: For Oily and Combination Skin

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Finding the right moisturizer for your skin type can be a challenging process but certainly not impossible. 


We have discussed some tips you should follow while choosing in a moisturizer for your unique skin type. When selecting the best facial moisturizer for their skin type, many people keep trying new products until they find the right one. 


This trick may work sometimes. But more often, your skin feels more damaged, and you have no choice but to visit a skin specialist and spend hefty amounts on your treatment. That said, you can easily prevent spending so much if you find the best facial moisturizer for your face and its unique needs. So keep reading for practical tips on choosing a moisturizer for your face.


Is moisturizer required for your skin?

Washing your face with a cleanser and not applying anything afterward can cause dryness. However, a good moisturizer will help keep your skin soft, supple, and plump. If you have oily skin, consider using Oil Control Face Moisturizer to control sweat and oil and prevent clogged pores. 


You should also massage the skin while applying as it helps increase blood flow making your skin look fresh and healthy. A wrong moisturizer for the face can cause dryness, breakouts, and other skin woes. So if your skin feels too tight or too oily after moisturizing, chances are your moisturizer is wrong for your skin type.


How to choose a moisturizer for oily skin?

Oily face can look greasy, and shiny with enlarged pores, pimples, blackheads, or blemishes. While choosing the best oil control face cream in India, look for gel-based products containing ingredients such as AHA, BHA, glycolic acid, and willow bark. We recommend CIEL Oil Control Face Cream, a gentle formula that moisturizes your skin without making it too much oily or dry. This facial moisturizer hydrates and soothes while reducing acne marks and blemishes. You can also consider double cleansing if you have excessively oily skin. Consider including this oil control cream twice in your AM and PM routine to achieve incredible results. 


How to choose a moisturizer for combination skin?

Choosing the best oil control cream in India for combination skin can be taxing. The combination skin usually has an oily T-zone, nose, and chin with dry cheeks. So, be extremely careful when looking for a moisturizer. Because some skin parts are dry, this type requires a balanced face cream, which is suitable for dry and oily skin. 


Consider looking for oil control face creams with mild, gel-based formula and ingredients such as vitamin C, aloe vera, tea tree oil, etc. We recommend CIEL Oil Control Face Moisturizer excellent for all skin types, including combination and oily skin. It is packed with essential natural ingredients such as lecithin, heart leaf extract, willow bark, lactobacillus, and more that work together to protect your skin against the environmental trauma it goes through every day.


CIEL Oil Control Face Moisturizer is also suitable for combination skin types due to its unique properties.

Even though it may take some time to find the best oil control face cream in India for your skin, you will eventually find the most suitable product at clean vegan brands like CIEL. 


All you have to do is focus on your needs and choose a product like CIEL Oil Control Face Moisturizer with the right ingredients for oily and combination skin types. A product can take a few days to work, so do not be discouraged if you do not see results in the first few applications. 

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