The Ultimate Guide To Oily Skincare Routine

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Everyone wants to maintain a fresh face throughout the day. However, too much oil on the skin makes it look unappealing. Not only this, but greasy and oily skin also paves way for several skin problems such as blackheads, pimples, and acne.

Frequent breakouts and pimples feel embarrassing and may also leave blemishes behind. Hence, you need to pay extra attention when purchasing the best face mask for oily skin and other products.

But is oily skin really bad? Regardless of all the drawbacks, oily skin may have some benefits. Oily skin has abundant natural oils, which people with other skin types do not have. These oils help keep the skin moisturised and prevent signs of ageing. All you need is products like the best clay mask for oily skin to keep the excess oiliness in check. 

Take a look at some common myths about oily skin.


Myth 1: You can control the oil using beauty products with drying agents like alcohol. 

Stripping oil off the skin can increase its production because your skin tries to compensate for the lost hydration. If you apply alcohol-based products or sunscreen, you will have irritated, sensitized, and dehydrated skin.


Myth 2: Sunscreen lotion can increase oil production.

You can consider taking suggestions from your dermatologist about using new formulations and sunscreens that do not clog pores. You can also use products containing oil-absorbing microsponges for extra protection and care.


Myth 3: You cannot do anything to manage oily skin.


Oily skin can also be managed like any other skin type. Just purchase the best face mask for oily skin and other oil-balancing products and follow a healthy skincare routine. You can also make a few lifestyle changes and keep your skin glowing.


Following is an oily skin care routine that should include the best clay mask for oily skin and other oil-control products. 


Cleanse your face regularly

Your morning and evening skincare routines should include cleansing using the right cleanser to remove dirt and impurities without pore-clogging. Because oily skin is prone to acne and breakouts, consider opting for a face cleanser that contains salicylic acid or glycolic acid.


Exfoliate correctly

Exfoliating your skin can help remove dead skin cells and excess dirt that may cause flare-ups. However, it is necessary to stay gentle, or you may scrub off all the oil during vigorous exfoliation.


Use a toner

Another important thing you should do when following a healthy oily skincare routine is toning. Opt for a suitable toner to prevent excess oil secretion, reduce pore size, and restore the pH balance of your skin.


Moisturiser is essential

Having oily skin doesn’t mean you do not have to apply moisturiser or cream on your face. Moisturising should be an integral part of your oily skin care routine. In order to have healthy and nourished skin which looks hydrated, make sure to pick the right moisturiser. While purchasing a moisturiser for your oily skin, avoid heavy formulas as they can plug your pores. 


Use the best clay mask for oily skin

face mask for oily skin can do wonders for you. From revitalizing your skin to nourishing it, face masks can do a lot. The best-suited ones for oily skin types are clay masks for oily skin.


Follow a healthy nighttime oily skincare 

When it comes to your oily skincare during the night, begin with cleansing and toning. Follow it up using a serum and complete your night routine with a gel-based moisturiser. Make sure to purchase lightweight products that get absorbed into your skin. Following a wholesome nighttime skincare routine helps you wake up looking fresh without feeling extra greasy. 


If you are looking for the best products for oily skin, go through the ingredient list before purchasing.  CIEL clay mask for oily skin is an excellent way to reduce oiliness and greasiness from the skin and maintain the natural pH balance. Check out their catalogue for the complete oil-control range. 


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