Can Skin Brightening Serums Improve Pigmentation?

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Also known as lightening serums, brightening serums are a little misunderstood by the masses. Skin brightening serums are often confused with skin whitening products due to their names. So, we thought to clear all your doubts about skin brightening serums and tell you what you can expect from them. 


How do skin brightening serums work?

A brightening serum is just a type of serum that brightens your skin by improving the skin tone, reducing dullness, and targeting dark spots. In short, brightening serums are just a type of “skin brightener,” which is a common term for all kinds of skin lightening products.


Skin brightening products include face serums which help different forms of uneven skin tones to some extent of lightening. For example, most natural ingredients like arbutin/alpha arbutin, vitamin C and acids like hyaluronic acid, lactic acid, kojic acid, and glycolic acid have all been used to produce naturally-derived skin brightening effects and produce great results. Most brightening serums also have moisturizing and hydrating ingredients that help improve overall skin health and boost the amazing benefits of serums. 


What are the benefits of the best skin brightening serums?


The first and the most important benefit of a brightening serum is, of course, its brightening properties. However, how a brightening serum brightens your skin may vary from product to product. 

For example, some brightening serums can make your skin glow by directly reducing melanin production or by targeting inflammation and dark spots. In other cases, some brightening products can increase the cell turnover rate or make your skin replace the dead cells with new and radiant cells. This also results in younger-looking skin. As a result, young people may also want to use a brightening serum to support the anti-aging benefits, even if they do not have any signs of aging, such as fine lines or dark spots. The spots caused by aging are one of the top reasons why people consider using a brightening serum. 

Most topical skin brightening serums can also be applied directly to acne scars, sun damage, dark spots, blemishes, or other discolorations on the skin. The ingredients present in the brightening serum can help return the skin to its natural color. 

Now the main question is, do skin brightening serums actually work?

The shortest answer is— not in the way you imagine!

For a brightening serum to work that particular way, it would have to contain several bleaching components, and these products are not suitable for your skin as they come with several side effects. In many countries, especially the United States, skin whitening products are not at all popular. 


Brightening serums make your skin look younger, healthier, and vibrant, irrespective of the skin tone.


A brightening serum results in a more profound glow as it offers complexion-boosting benefits. 

Another great reason to incorporate a brightening serum into your skincare routine is that several products can also help improve skin elasticity. This is because most skin brightening serums contain collagen or retinol that helps maintain the youthfulness and shape of your face for a long time. 

Most people also consider using brightening serums to help even out the skin tone. Many people have spots of color across the face, also called mild discoloration zones, where the skin looks a little different from place to place. Applying a topical brightening serum can help you even out the skin tone and give you a boost of glow across the face.


What are the ingredients one should target in a skin brightening serum?

 Just like with all other skincare products, you should always prioritize skin brightening serums that use naturally sourced ingredients instead of harsh chemicals. Clean ingredients are much better for your skin health and the long-term benefits they offer. 


CIEL Skin Brightening Serum is an excellent example of the best skin brightening serum. It only uses natural ingredients such as vitamin C, natural arbutin, glutathione, blueberry extract, and swiss garden cress sprout. This serum can help improve your overall complexion and improve uneven skin tone. It also lightens dark spots, lifts dullness, and promotes hydration.

Brightening serums can work, provided they are used wisely. Make sure to avoid using vitamin C serums with retinol as it may react and your skin may affect adversely. Use brightening serums twice a day for best results. 





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