New Mom, New You

by Journey To Wellness health and wellness

There is nothing more natural than being a new mom, and every new mom deserves a little self-pampering. 

You don’t need an expensive spa, new makeup, or new clothes. The all-natural experts recommend these easy self-care tips after you’ve just had the most natural blessing, becoming a new mom. 

  1. Schedule your sleep - Remember the old phrase, sleep when your baby sleeps? No way mama. In case your baby doesn’t sleep much, or if you’re just a busy mom by nature, schedule your sleep like you would your precious newborn. Set a bedtime and even a nap time and sleep.

  2. Move- a little, or a lot - Your body is incredible. It just did incredible things, so you move it the way you want. Whether you only move a little, or a lot, moving can actually help the healing process, and truthfully it just feels good. 

  3. Enjoy the moments - If there’s one thing you can be certain of, it’s that you’ll never get these moments back. You might feel slightly lost in a daze, tired, or even scatter brained, but enjoy every second of it and forget about how messy the house might be.

  4. Ask for help - Even if you were a do-everything mama before, it’s okay to ask for help. Your body needs it, your baby needs it, and most importantly- you need it. Help can come in various forms- friends and family might offer to bring you food, clean up around the house, run a few errands for you, say yes to all the help you can get and your recovery could be so much faster. 

  5. Shop – It’s true, your body won’t ‘bounce back’ immediately, but your post-partum body is beautiful. So, just like you shopped for cute clothes for that baby bump, shop for post-partum clothes to accentuate that incredible body. 

  6. Make a hair appointment - There’s something about a new do that can make you feel like the beautiful new mom you are. Plus it requires next to nothing from you, you just get to sit back and relax. 

  7. Create a routine - There is nothing more calming on the mind and body than an organized routine. Chances are you’re creating one for your baby anyway, so make one for yourself that works well together for mommy time, and baby time.

  8. Treat yourself - In addition to the new do, the new clothes, whatever you feel you need, treat yourself to it. It might be Starbucks one week, or new shoes the next, but this is one of the rare moments in your life when everything is about mama and baby, so take advantage of every minute of it. 

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