Getting the Body to Burn Fat

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If you want to lose weight, you have to get the body to a point where it will burn fat for energy. That means exercise and the right kind of diet. You might be wondering just what kind of diet will give you the energy for exercise and will also help you lose weight. Basically, it means cutting out all the extra carbohydrates and eating food with good and healthy fats as well as protein.

The Right Calories

You might be under the impression that cutting out fat is what you need to do. In fact, you do not need to cut fat out, you need to cut the carbs. You are going for what is known as the Paleo diet. You can get a book about it so that you can understand it a little better and have some great recipes to go by. Basically, it is a diet that drops the carbs and ups the fats and protein for energy.

This ends up giving your body the right calories so it will learn to burn the energy rather than just store it. You see, when you eat a lot of carbohydrates, they tend to get stored as fat but when you drop the carbs and you boost the healthy fats, you end up burning more fat than you store. It is really that simple and what the whole Paleo diet is built upon.

Fat Burning Fats

There are healthy fats you can eat that will actually teach your body to burn fat better. That will be certain vegetable fats such as you get from nuts and seeds as well as certain plants like avocados. The way it works is very interesting. You see, your body is used to burning starches and carbs for fuel. When you drop those, you end up burning more fat.

You are literally training your body to burn more fat by eating healthy fats. Not only that, you are also getting a number of other health benefits.

Attaining the Balance

You need a good balance of all the right calories and nutrients in your diet. When you get a good book on the Paleo diet, you will learn about all the right foods to eat. It will teach you what the best sources for your needed calories are. Then you eat a diet of that kind of food on a regular basis and the end result is you losing weight and feeling your best.

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