Most Commonly Circulated Myths Related To Plumbing

by FORD’S Plumbing & Heating Plumbing Contractors Los Angeles

You may not be a plumber and even have no intention of becoming one. You may call 24 Hour Plumber Santa Monica everytime you face a minor or major plumbing issue, but you can still learn the basics of this profession for your benefit. This will help you to sort out minor plumbing issues yourself and you'll manage to save some money too. It doesn't make any sense in hiring a plumber when all that is wrong is minor leaks. There are some common plumbing myths which need to be busted because this is why many people refrain from learning plumbing basics.

It's time to debunk some plumbing myths for the benefit of the layman. Read on to know more about it.

Myth 1: Your Water Heater Can Explode

One of the most common circulated myth is that your water heater can explode. Most probably, this myth stems from the fact that your water heater makes the noises during heating of water. Yes, water heater does make noises but it's usually because the sediment gets collected in the tank of the water heater. Air bubbles trapped by water sediment are allowed to escape when the water is heated. The fact is that there are 0% chances of your water heater getting exploded. However, you are suggested to not to ignore the noises coming from your water heater and get it checked by a seasoned plumber before it breaks down completely, causing you much inconvenience.

Myth 2: Ice Cubes Are Handy For Your Garbage Disposal Unit

People assume that throwing ice cubes down the garbage disposal unit will help in sharpening its blades. The truth is far from it. Actually, ice cubes are used for cleaning blades and drains. It is noticed blades, but eggshells that help to sharpen the blades of the garbage disposal unit, so you can use them for this very purpose if you are feeling that the blades are losing their edge.

Myth 3: A Leaking Faucet Usually Stops Leaking After Some Time

There are some leaks that stop after a while, but to assume that all leaks will go the same way is a complete misconception. In fact, most leaks get worse with time and may lead to an emergency problem. Worn gasket only will wear more with time, leading to excessive water leaking. Leaks that are left untreated for a longer duration will continue to leak. Contact Emergency Plumber Santa Monica to remover the leakage in time.

Myth 4: You Can Flush Toilet Paper Down The Toilet

While toilet paper is assumed safe for flushing, the truth is that doing this act repeatedly can lead to clogged toilet pipes. Toilet paper is not fully biodegradable, so they often get stuck in toilet pipes. Try to avoid flushing toilet paper down the toilet and use dustbin to dispose of them off.

Myth 5: Bleach Tablets Are Great To Clean Toilets

The truth surrounding this common myth is that while bleach tablets may be effective in cleaning the toilet bowl, they damage the components in the water tank. Also, when using bleach tablets in the bowl, don't leave them longer for more than 10 minutes as they tend to damage your ceramic too.

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