Most Common Appliances that Lead to Home Water Damage

by Kevin Smith Author

Even though, when you usually think of water damage in the home, it is often associated with a pipe that has burst or a leaky roof. However, it is also common for water damage in your home to be caused by your appliances. Yes, the simple appliances you use from day-to-day, such as your toilet or refrigerator. If you are experiencing a cause for possible water damage in Dunwoody, contact a local water restoration service.

When it comes to your appliances, anything can happen, especially if they are in high-use. A buildup of moisture or a hose bursting may lead to accumulations of water in areas where it shouldn’t be. There are many different ways that everyday appliances can go faulty, even by human error, and when this happens, it can cause water damage inside the home.

When you notice the water caused by an appliance, instinctively, you get it up and may only attempt to call someone to fix the root issue. However, it is best if you call a water restoration service, as the water doesn’t usually just wet the top floor, but it also seeps down to the floorboards. This issue will only worsen with time and lead to more costly repairs. Here are some of the main appliances that lead to water damage in the home.

The Toilet

Toilets can leak and overflow. When a toilet overflows, the root cause is usually related to a drain being clogged or the float not functioning properly. In these cases, no matter how much you plunge, there is no resolution. When you flush the toilet, the water starts to rise up and spill out over the lid, which only worsens the initial problem.

The Refrigerator

Your refrigerator can face a number of issues. Did someone not close the refrigerator door all the way? If this is the case, this can be a cause for water pooling on your floor. Naturally, your refrigerator harnesses a lot of additional moisture. That moisture can puddle around the base of your fridge. If your drain has a leak or is clogged, then all of that excess water will be on your floor.

The Dishwasher

When it comes to the dishwasher, even something like too much detergent can cause it to leak. The problem could also stem from a strainer being clogged or the switch on the float being faulty. Dishwashers use a lot of water, to fill it, at one time. This water could easily spill out onto the floor.

If you are experiencing a cause for possible water damage in Dunwoody, contact a local water restoration service.

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