Message Therapy Is Not An Alternative Of Hernia Surgery To Resolve It Completely

by Ankita Srivastav Health Advisior & Consultant

A hernia is a medical condition in which an internal tissue gets pushed from the internal cavity. Even though it possesses no eminent medical threat seeking hernia repair surgery is highly recommended. Sadly, many individuals do not recognize the importance of the surgery and fall in traps of the non-medical approaches and as a result, worsens their overall health even more.

Mrs Sangita Mahapatra started to notice small budge near her C-section stitch after 2 years of her son’s delivery. At first, she thought it was nothing serious as the lump did not stay visible all the time. It was not until 6 months later when her husband shared his concern that the lump might be growing in size. We rushed to the nearest doctor’s clinic and it was diagnosed as a hernia.

At first, she was considering surgery but then one of her neighbours told that abdominal massage therapy can resolve the hernia too. Thereby, she chose to go for it. At first, the therapy seemed to work. After each session, indeed the lump seemingly became in-distinctive along with the pain and other annoying symptoms the sessions went for another 4 months. The pain and discomfort could be managed only with therapy, so she had t increase the number of sessions. However, the lump did grow even more in size.

Finally, her husband had enough and he forcibly took her to another doctor. The doctors, after going through the entire medical history scolded the couple for delaying treatment and going for such therapy. The couple after realizing their mistake and went straight to comply with the doctor’s immediate guidelines. The surgery date was scheduled and the hernia was resolved through laparoscopic hernia surgery under the expertise of the doctors. The surgery was flawless and the recovery was quite speedy as well.

Indeed, many such patients become scared of surgery and opt for a more convenient option, that they assume to be effective. Such practice should be discouraged and as they cause more hernia and often no good. Hernia surgery is the only permanent method of resolving hernia. Even though most of the hernia cases are not severe during its initial stage, it might lead to complications in the later stages. A timely treatment ensures the best, effective result for any illness and hernia is a no different condition.

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