​Mechanical and Electronic Speed Regulation of Cummins Genset

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Advantages and disadvantages of mechanical and electronic speed regulation of Cummins generator set. 

The speed regulation mode of Cummins generator set is usually divided into mechanical governor, electronic speed controller and electro-hydraulic speed controller. Now, when configuring diesel generator sets for customers, we always think for the sake of users at the first time. We try to select diesel generator sets with electronic speed regulation and prevent the use of generators with mechanical speed regulation, so as to automatically adjust the throttle according to the user's load, and the fuel consumption will automatically adjust with the load, so as to avoid fixing the throttle of generators due to mechanical regulation, thus wasting diesel, Reduce the use cost of generator set.

1.Mechanical speed regulation of Cummins generator set.

The mechanical governor of diesel generator stabilizes the speed of generator set by changing the fuel injection quantity. The real automatic adjustment is the steel ball centrifugal flying pendulum, the speed increases, the distance between the two steel balls is opened, and the oil inlet of the plug type fuel injection nozzle is reduced to reduce the speed. The throttle handle changes the reference value of the speed controller after the speed is stable. The load change of the generator makes the speed fluctuate, but it fluctuates up and down centered on the reference value.

Mechanical and Electronic Speed Regulation of Cummins Genset

2.Cummins generator set electronic speed regulation.

Electronic governor is a leading speed controller discussed and used in recent years. Its sensing element and actuator use electronic elements in detail, which can accept speed signal and capacity signal, and output adjustment signal to adjust throttle through interpretation and comparison of electronic circuit.

3.Advantages and disadvantages of mechanical speed regulation and electronic speed regulation.

The mechanical speed controller uses the flying hammer device to adjust the throttle lever. The flying hammer opens or closes according to the speed and affects the throttle lever; The electronic speed controller uses the control board, the executive motor and the speed sensor form a closed-loop control to adjust the speed; The electronic speed regulating board has higher precision and better dynamic response.

1. After starting the diesel generator, it is necessary to adjust the speed to achieve stable rated speed. Only by ensuring the stability of generator speed can the stability of output voltage and frequency be guaranteed. The mechanical speed governing board does not need power supply, and only the electronic speed governing board needs power supply.

2. According to SOLAS requirements, if the emergency generator is equipped with an electronic governor, an independent battery pack shall be provided for the electronic governor board, which is different from the starting battery of the emergency generator. Therefore, the emergency generator with electronic speed regulation shall be equipped with two sets of storage batteries.

3. The speed of the generator set changes with the throttle. Just like Cummins generator, when the throttle is large, the speed is high, otherwise the speed is low. Therefore, whether it is mechanical speed regulation or electronic speed regulation, it is finally realized by controlling the throttle of the generator.

4. I have only been in contact with one kind of mechanical speed regulation, that is, there is a set of device similar to the swing ball on the rotating shaft of the generator. Different speeds will produce different centrifugal forces, just like the warp drum shaken in the Lama's hand. The faster the swing, the greater the angle of the two swing balls. The throttle of the generator can be adjusted through the angle of the swing ball.

5. The electronic speed regulation is simpler. There is a speed sensor, which controls the servo motor to drive the rack according to the speed signal to control the size of the throttle.

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