Lyrics and Music: How to Find Song Information

by Richa Jha Asistent Manager

Most people get so involved in the song and its tunes that they tend to care less what the words in that song are saying. But for others, finding the lyrics information matter along with music.

In the era of complete digitalization of music online, the physical modes such as CDs and cassette tapes are virtually extinct. These CDs used to have lyrics printed on the label cover itself.

However, there are other ways to discover the relevant information. This write-up will deal with how you can find song information by breaking the topic into some sub-categories:


Problems While Searching for Lyrics –

There is no doubt in the mind of a listener or a composer that lyrics matter a lot. Composers often set tunes around them. Take away them and what you have is an instrumental version. Unfortunately, for some people trying to find lyrics becomes daunting.

·          A problem people face while searching for it online is that they are mostly a hit or a miss, i.e. they mostly work on the popularity of the Mp3 song. The more popular the song or even artist, the greater the chance of finding its lyrics.

Another problem is when they are embedded in a track but do not show up in the media player.

Solution –

One of the simplest ways to search lyrics can be to go over the following process:


§  Type lyrics

§  Name of the song

§  Name of Artist


·         Removing the word ‘’lyrics’’ would take you fan sites or critics reviews. If you do not know the title of a song, then merely remembering any line from a soundtrack can do the job. Online search engine like Google can bring up all the information for you. For instance, a simple search like ‘’every night in my dreams’’ on Google will get you the correct artist, Celine Dion and the right song name, My Heart Will Go On.


·         Lyrics Plugins are extremely useful to find lyrics without bothering to go on Google search. And some of these plugins even display the words in real-time. For eg., MiniLyrics and LyricsSeeker.





Sometimes while driving in car one hears an English song on FM but one is not able to either grasp the words if it. Search engines are not of much help unless one knows atleast a few words to initiate information look up.




§  Music recognition services are useful in helping one find song titles without the need to recall the words. You can use such services to identify music playing anywhere; restaurant, FM radio, tv, etc.

§  Mobile apps like Shazam or MusicID allow you to hold the phone near the source of music and then it identifies the track. Moreover, apps like Name My Tune can even recognize the title when you hum or sing a short clip of a track yourself.



Music Tagging


Most audio files have a certain ID3 tag embedded in them that contain song information including:


·         The Title

·         Artist Info

·         Name of Album

·         Genre, etc.


Sometimes song information or audio tracks get mislabeledgets lost due to missing ID3 tag information. Other times, one finds it challenging to tag non-mainstream files which eventually require manual editing of the metadata.


There are a lot of free tagging programs available online. Automatic tag editors such as Mp3tag or TuneUp can fix this problem and even integrate the file to online music library or social networking sites.



Adding Relevant Information


After finding song information, the adding of content such as brand name, year of recording, composer, etc. becomes important once you have got the track from online music sites or iTunes. This content then remains on each file whether it’s played on a PC or a Mac.


Another important thing to add is to add ‘’Album Artwork’’. Getting the artwork in the correct format easily passes it through digital music stores. It increases the appeal of looking at online music library. It also looks cool when viewed as thumbnail while browsing audio tracks on a mobile phone.


Most of the smartphone apps now allow you to search for album art by long pressing the empty space for a song and then downloading it automatically.


The album artwork needs to adhere to the following format for digital stores to accept it:



-Should be in ‘Perfect Square’ shape

-Atleast 1600 x1600 pixels in size

-Highest quality RGB Color Mode (including the black and white images)

-To upload for Amazon On Demand (for printing physical CDs, the image should be of 300DPI in resolution)


It is also important to ensure that the artist name on the artwork is same as the artist name in the release information. For instance, when covering a number by Michael Jackson, his name should not be on your artwork.




In the end, it is very important to understand the technical structure of the music online or as a personal audio file. Having basic knowledge on how tofind song information becomes especially important if you are new to the industry and want to launch your own album. For general listeners, knowing lyrics can give a deeper understanding of the meaning of the soundtrack.

Secondly, metadata can also play a key role in getting the artists paid. For e.g., Copyright information, publisher and artist info can be used to find an artist and pay them.


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