Lagna Kundali Matching for Marriage

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In the kundali matching process, the birth charts of bride and groom are read and concluded for compatibility. Kundali matching is more prevalent in arranged marriages. Two people who have not known each other tie the knot together. Hence, it is essential to determine their compatibility before letting the union happen.


Generally, we all are aware of the ashtakoot matching, which means the 36 Gunas in a kundali. We people believe that the more of these gunas are matched, the happier the marriage is. We also believe that this is not a happy union if less than 18 gunas are matched. However, this is a wrong belief because ashtakoot is only one thing among other important things, and it alone doesn’t define the happiness score in a marriage.


Marriage Matching by Lagna and Rashi


Lagna Kundali Matching ensures that the astrologer has inspected the chart closely and knows all possible obstacles. The Ashtakoot Guna Milan also helps, but it does not tell the whole story.


In arranged marriages where the boy and girl don’t know each other, it is vital to do kundali matching. This ensures that the bride and groom will live a peaceful life together. These days unhappy couples are increasing because they do not go through the kundali matching process. In the name of love and modernization, they often skip the step and hence suffer later in life.


Also, even if two people have met each other and known for a while, you can’t know a person in and out. After marriage, the planets of one person start affecting another partner. That is why it is important to call an astrologer for kundali matching. He ensures that these planets only bring positive results to the other person’s life. 


The astrologer also catches any malefic effects and performs needed remedies to weaken the negative effects. This way, when a marriage happens, it has more possibility of being healthy and happy than when a marriage happens without any kundali matching process.


Marriage stays for a lifetime, and we all dream to grow old with our partners. However, if destiny doesn’t allow you two to be together, you can get to know about it in the beginning before typing the knot. This way, you can save yourself from getting married to a person who is not the one. However, this happens rarely because the astrologer also provides remedies. The bad effects lift off upon performing these remedies and the couple can get married.


No birth chart is perfect, and every couple goes through disagreements. However, it is also essential to have some agreements and compatibility. It is vital to have some understanding; if not, the marriage becomes doomed. 


Kundali Matching by Rashi


Married life is important because it provides you with a partner with whom you share all your moments. A person doesn’t get a partner for mere pleasure, but marriage is related to great sentiments. When you have a life partner, you always have someone by your side who is there to listen to you.


Marriage also increases your life span because it brings happiness, family in the form of children, and social status. Even in Vedas, marriage is considered superior to a life of celibacy.


However, to ensure that you live a happy marital life and have the support of your life partner, it is important to choose the one that is compatible with your destiny. The person’s planetary placement should be in the line of your placement and not the opposite. This way, when two birth charts are compatible, two people stay compatible and understanding.


When the birth charts are incompatible, two people spend their lifetime fighting and blaming each other. Such marriage doesn’t bring any peace and snatches all mental stability. The husband and wife should both be compatible, and only then they can lead a harmonious marital life.


For example, if there are four people, A, B, C, and D. These are two men, A and B and two women, C and D. If an astrologer reads the birth charts of all these four people, it’s possible that two people match well together than when they are with someone else.


So it is possible that A and C might be more compatible than A and D. Similarly, B and C might be more compatible than B and D. It all depends on the stars and planets and how they are arranged in one’s kundali.


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