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Kundali matching has always been a part of Hindu marriages that almost no marriage takes place in a Hindu family without calling an astrologer. Here astrologer is the expert person who is well-versed in kundali reading, also known as birth chart. This step happens before finalizing the marriage between two potential partners by their family members.


Only if the Kundalis are matched and compatible the marriage proposal proceed further. Kundali matching is important because it analyses the future compatibility between the couple. By reading the birth charts, the astrologer can tell if the marriage should happen between two people or not. He also knows about the different doshas and suggests remedies so the couple can lead a harmonious life.


However, sometimes, the doshas are so intense that the astrologer might suggest not proceeding with the marriage proposal. This might happen in the case of a Mangalik Dosha, for example, if it is so rigid that it can harm the life partner significantly.


The Practice Of Kundali Matching In Arranged Marriages


In India, the practice of arranged marriages is common. In an arranged marriage, two individuals are brought together that have not known each other. These people meet and converse about each other's likings. They might also spend some time together to determine if they want to tie the knot.


Families present the potential partners to their son or daughter, among which they need to choose. When two people agree to marry each other based on their meetings and conversations, the marriage finally proceeds. Both families congratulate each other and call an astrologer to match their birth charts.


Kundali matching is a big help in arranged marriages because it gives a clear picture of the partners' compatibility. All the issues can be foreseen, and hence it can be determined if this would be a happy union. Since the two people do not know each other, kundali matching is necessary to decide whether one should marry another or look for another match.


However, one should always refer to a reputed astrologer or place where kundali matching has been practiced for years. This way, the families can be relieved about the accuracy of the reading and result.


There are a total of 36 Gunas or characteristics. For a happy marital life, at least 18 must be matched. If not, then the astrologer provides possible remedies; however, the marriage may not be harmonious.


Is Kundali Matching Necessary For Love Marriages?


Time is changing, and today people choose their life partner as per their liking. They do not believe in marrying a person they have not known before. People fall in love, and they decide to marry the person they have known for years. Hence love marriages also take place and are more common nowadays.


But the question arises, "Is Kundali Matching Necessary For Love Marriages?"


Well, the answer is a Yes!


This is because other than love, there are other criteria that should be matched. Love is the foundation of any relationship, but we should trust other factors, too, as they can make or break a marriage. In Hinduism, it is believed that when two people marry, their planetary placement starts affecting each other. These effects can be both negative and positive.


The astrologer comes into the picture to determine whether these effects would be negative or fruitful. This way, he can foresee any problems in the couple's marital life. Accordingly, he suggests remedies, poojas, and homam, whichever is necessary.


Hence kundali matching is important whether you opt for an arranged marriage or a love marriage. It provides necessary predictions based on all the 36 characteristics in a birth chart. Therefore, regardless of one's belief in astrology, kundali matching should always be a part of the marriage procedure.


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