How will 2020 to 2022 Rahu-Ketu transit Impact Aquarius Moon Sign?

by Astro Ved Online Astrology Consultation

The Nature of Rahu and Ketu


Rahu and Ketu are the shadow planets which are deemed to have a great impact on human life. They are karmic planets too. Rahu creates Maya or illusion in our minds. It has the power to bestow wealth and worldly pleasures, but it can also bestow sorrow and confusion. It clouds the mind, causing confusion and preventing clarity of thought. Though it gives abundantly, it cannot give enduring happiness. That which it gives may also be taken away unexpectedly. Ketu rules the spiritual and psychic realms. Ketu exposes the meaninglessness of materialism and pushes us towards spirituality. It brings losses and pain, and thus, it makes people turn to God. The material losses are compensated by spiritual gains. It can cause confusion and feelings of detachment. The person will have to endure many difficulties and losses, and may even become a wanderer. 


Rahu and Ketu are viewed as malefic planets. If they are unfavorable, they can confuse a person completely, leading them to make the wrong decisions. Sometimes, Rahu can cause mental imbalance and make the person commit suicide. The person loses his wealth and reputation when Rahu is malefic. On the other hand, when Rahu is favorable, it can create a rags-to-riches story and bestow immense wealth and power. Rahu is seen to have played a role in the rise of many powerful politicians.  


Rahu-Ketu Transit for Aquarius Moon Sign


For Aquarius Moon sign, Rahu transits to Taurus from Gemini while Ketu transits from Sagittarius to Scorpio. Taurus is the 4th house from Aquarius, and Scorpio is the 10th house from Aquarius. The transit is from September 23, 2020, to April 12, 2022, a period of 18 months. The 4th house represents mother, material comforts, land, property, and higher education. The 10th house indicates profession, social status, actions, success, public life, authority, etc. 


Rahu transit for Aquarius 


There will be a mix of the good and the bad during this transit. There will be scope for the enjoyment of worldly pleasures. You may have a high-flying lifestyle and luxurious experiences. In fact, you may be so immersed in such pleasurable aspects of life that you may neglect religion and spirituality altogether. At the same time, even in the midst of opulence, you may not have peace of mind. It is better to be cautious. Your mother’s health may pose some problems. Business, especially real estate dealings, needs careful handling. When traveling, accidents may occur. So wear a helmet and avoid overspeeding when driving. Try not to break traffic rules and always adhere to safety measures like wearing seat belts, etc. Some may relocate to another place. Students may gain admission to universities abroad.


Ketu Transit for Aquarius 


Ketu’s transit into Scorpio augurs good news. Professionals, salaried people, and businessmen will find this a favorable period. You will carry out your work with dedication though you may not be willing to take on additional responsibilities. Those in professions related to religion and spirituality, like Astrology, Palmistry, Vastu Shastra, Feng Shui, etc., may find the going good. Some may turn to spirituality after suffering some disappointments. This will help them to overcome their difficulties and find peace of mind. On the whole, the transit is favorable. Following the spiritual path will bring you solace and stability.


Remedies for Rahu-Ketu Transit 


Perform Homa, Abishekam, Archana, and Pooja for Rahu and Ketu. 


Be kind to street dogs and provide them food and shelter.


On Amavasya (new moon) days, donate four coconuts at the temple.

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