Know the tips to resolve varicocele problem without surgery before it gets worse

by Ruchi G. Content Writer

Men too suffer from problems and have to face many health issues exclusive to them. In recent years, the problem of the Varicocele is leading the charts relating the issues of the testicles and scrotum in men.

It usually occurs when the valves in any of the veins prevent the spermatic cord to perform its functions. The Varicocele problem is quite painful and difficult to bear. Usually, there is scrotal swelling or lumps are formed in the testicles. This can affect the sperm production and quality, thereby, leading to infertility issues in men.

Varicocele is very similar to Varicose that appear on the legs, only Varicocele appears on the scrotum area in men. There is a discoloration of the scrotum and testicles that is the early sign of the onset of the problem.

Symptoms of Varicocele

Sometimes, the problem comes without any symptoms but you could keep an eye on any of the symptoms you might experience.

·         Swelling in the scrotum

·         Lump in the testicles

·         Enlarged and twisted veins in the scrotum

·         Recurring pain in the scrotum

Diagnosis of Varicocele

The doctor will conduct a physical examination to determine the problem. Since the problem cannot be seen or felt while lying down, you might be asked to stand during the examination.

To get a deeper understanding, a scrotum ultrasound will be conducted to see the extent of the problem. The ultrasound reports will give a clear picture of the problem and help the doctor in determining the best course of action.

The problem will be graded depending upon the size of the lump ranging between 1 to 3, 1 being the smallest and 3 being the biggest lump.

Treating the Varicocele

Treating the Varicocele becomes important if you are

·         Experiencing pain

·         Have infertility issues

·         Developing testicular atrophy

1.      Embolization

It is a process which prevents the amassing more fluids in the swollen veins thereby, reducing the swelling. Dye is used to determine the level of swelling and blockages are used to prevent the fluids from entering the veins. The fluid in the veins that causes Varicocele will waste away. One of the safer treatment, embolization is the most preferred treatment solution.

2.      Varicocelectomy

A Varicocelectomy is a keyhole surgery where a urologist goes through the abdomen or pelvic area and clamps or ties of the veins that are withholding the fluids. Blood flows around the abnormal veins and moves to the normal ones.

3.      Acidim,Activiz, and Oronervby Grocare

If you are looking for varicocele treatment without surgery , then Acidim by Grocare is the best option. It works to get rid of the free radicals that cause improper functioning of the valves.

Acidim helps in altering the pH levels around the valves, thereby, getting rid of the free radicals. Activiz helps in getting rid of the toxins from the region and Oronerv helps in keeping proper blood flow down south.

There have been several success stories with these 100% herbal and natural medicines.




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