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by Ruchi G. Content Writer

Hernia is a curable disease which is generally cause when an organ pushes its way in to someplace where it ideally doesn’t belong. Like when a part of the intestine is swollen in a way that it pushes its way into the hole of the diaphragm which is called hiatus. A person may witness pain near his/her stomach and abdominal area. This pain can also occur in the upper thigh area, belly button or even groin area.

Hernia generally occurs when people may be born with a large hiatal opening. It can also occur due to pregnancy, obesity, continuous coughing and even strenuous bowel movements. So when a person witnesses certain severe pain which at times can be unbearable have to get himself/herself properly diagnosed. Some of the diagnostic procedures for hiatal hernia cure are:

  • Esophagram: This test is done to assess the functionality of esophagus or the food pipe. To perform this test, a person is made to drink a liquid called barium which coats the esophagus, stomach and intestine area which gives a clear picture in the X-ray if your digestive system is in proper condition or no.

  • Endoscopy: This is done when a thin tube with a flashlight and a camera is inserted in your throat to order to get a proper and clear picture on the severity of hernia. This will give you on the spot results as to in how bad condition your hernia is.

  • Manometry: In this case, a catheter will be inserted in your nose, which will pass through your mouth, then your throat down in your stomach. This is again used to determine the severity of hernia and to take next action steps accordingly.

  • pH Level Test: Generally, this is one of the few basic tests which is needs to be done because an imbalance in the pH level will be one of the few reasons for the intestines to swell up.

Now, that we have our diagnostic tests in place and is confirmed that we have hernia we can decide upon our next steps, which will involve finding a cure for this disease. Hernia, can be cured either through a surgery which will give you immediate relief but you have to take certain precautionary measures. Or else it can also be treated in a natural way. It is very important to know that curing it naturally is a slow process, maybe as slow as 6 months. So only if you have the patience to deal with it, then give these few tips a good read:

  • Weight Loss: This is one of the reasons for causing hernia in the first place. Due to obesity, certain organs can get pushed out of its way. Weight loss is done with a correct combination of a good diet plus workout.

  • Timing your Meals: Giving a gap of 2 hours between all your meals is the way to go about it. This will keep you full for longer duration and will ensure that you don’t end up over eating at one time after a long gap.

  • Sleeping Position: Many people fail to realize that sleeping portions can affect your organs considerably. It has to be noted that people who have a habit of sleeping on their stomach or on their side can have such problems.

  • Avoid Certain type of Food: Food which can irritate your esophagus needs to be avoided during your treatment. Foods which are spicy, chocolaty or even cheesy has to be avoided because it adds a lot of pressure on the digestive system.

However, these tips will work only if you follow them on a regular basis with full dedication as these tips are sure shot ways of curing the disease.


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