Know the Detailed Procedure a Surrogacy Clinic in Delhi Follows To Concretise Your Dreams

by Shivani Sachdev Surrogacy Centre India

The first step a surrogacy clinic in Delhi takes to ensure a neat and safe procedure is surrogacy preparation. After a willing parent or potential surrogate decides to pursue the process of surrogacy, the person needs to underline and determine his/her surrogacy needs and goals. 

  • You also need to specify the type of medical or/and surrogacy you want to collaborate with. The clinics help you do that in peace. 
  • The next step is a crucial one. It’s finding a companion. This is where the clinics play a clinical role. 
  • Finding the appropriate surrogacy scope or opportunity with willing parents or surrogate mothers is one of the most critical and exciting aspects of the cutting-edge process.

Compliance with legal requisites

After a willing parent and the surrogate decide to proceed, they need to formalize their association or relationship in a legal. A surrogacy clinic in Delhi drafts a legal contract for the parties. You sign this contract and bring your respective attorneys as your legal representatives. The sole aim of a lawyer is to preserve your legal interests. 

  • After completing the legal formalities and subsequent documentation, the clinics start the process of fertilization. The next step is embryo transfer.
  • They start the medical procedures that are critical for embryo transfer. The fertility clinic can handle this procedure. 

Welcoming the new-born

Once the protracted and prolonged surrogacy process is over, the baby is born. It changes the life and times of the parents and the surrogate mother. Generally, the intending parents accompany the concerned surrogate to the surrogacy clinic in Delhi for the special occasion. It’s time to welcome the baby to the world.

The reputable centres leave no table unturned to take care of the entire process. The process is that everything is in the right order and the surrogate receives a timely treatment. They integrate the most advanced and new-age technology to smoothen and bolster the surrogacy process. 

Understanding surrogacy in India

Surrogacy is a process in which you have a woman, the surrogate, carrying a baby in her womb on a couple’s behalf. This couple cannot become parents through conventional and natural means. The surrogate carries the embryo throughout the gestation period. She then gives birth to the child and gently hands it over to the willing parents. 

  • Do note that the surrogate has no legal claims on the child. That’s the fulcrum of surrogacy. 

It’s surprising to know that India is the biggest hub for surrogacy worldwide. There are many reputable surrogacy clinics in Delhi.

First and foremost, the cost of surrogacy in India is quite cheap. If you visit the best surrogacy centre in Delhiyou’ll find that the entire process doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket or rob you of everything. It’s also not that difficult to find surrogates in this country.

  • The demand for surrogacy started in 2002. The ruling dispensation legalized and legitimized the process back then. 
  • When you have wombs available at the drop of a hat and cheaper costs, you know why and how India has become a top attraction for international clients.
  • Many foreign couples come to the country, especially Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore to become parents.

The legal pathway

The second reason behind the growing popularity of surrogacy is the law. While most countries either ban the process’ commercialization or don’t allow it altogether, India has given it a legal character. 

There are countries like the US that allow surrogacy but still don’t allow the parents to pay the surrogate mother for the enduring service. This factor alone makes it a daunting task to find females abroad who’d make such efforts and endure the pain without monetary rewards.

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