4 Reasons to Visit the Infertility Clinic in Delhi for a Better Future

by Shivani Sachdev Surrogacy Centre India

The application of technology in the field of medical science has helped millions of patients to undergo special treatments. Earlier, the inability to conceive was a matter of physical concern and a stressful mental situation for every couple. But with the establishment of a premium infertility clinic in Delhi, men and women are now becoming proactive about seeking help for their reproductive issues.  

When to see the specialist

On average, a couple can take 5 to 7 months to conceive. So, you should not bother if you are taking a few more months to get pregnant. But if you have been trying for a year without success, you have to decide whether to visit a specialist. The doctor will suggest a complete fertility evaluation if the female partner is aged below, six months older than 35, or 3 months over 40 and above.  

1. Irregular periods

Irregularity in ovulation brings in irregular periods. If the periods sometimes don’t come at all, it may indicate that ovulation is not taking place. Conception may seem to be an uphill battle, but possible if you get help from the best infertility clinic in DelhiThere can be two broad types of ovulatory disorders:

  • No ovulation
  • Oligo-ovulation, often due to PCOS where the ovulation occurs occasionally  

Treatment options for such problems can be medicinal or physical. Intrauterine insemination or IUI is a highly advanced treatment plan to induce ovulation. It will help you to conceive faster.  

2.     Thorough evaluation

When you visit the infertility clinic in Delhi, the first thing that the specialist will do is to review the medical history of the couple thoroughly. Both of you have to undergo fertility testing. Without these tests, the fertility specialist cannot initiate any treatment plan or procedure. Complete evaluation of the male and female reproductive systems will help determine the causes of temporary or permanent infertility.  

The three primary tests include:

  • Anti-Mullerian Hormone test (AMH): To count the total number of eggs you have.
  • Semen analysis: determines whether the sperm count is normal for the male and they are healthy.
  • Day 3 Bloodwork: checks whether the reproductive hormones are functioning normally. 
  • Hysterosalpingogram (HSG): determines whether the shape of the uterus is normal and the fallopian tubes are open.

3.     Infertility clinic in Delhi reports abnormal Semen analysis

If the male partner receives an abnormal result for the semen analysis test, then the infertility clinic is the only place to seek help. Low sperm count or poor quality of the sperm can make conception a difficult task. The specialist will continue to diagnose the reasons and offer treatment plans to improve the situation. Even if you have a low sperm count, conception is possible. It will take only one sperm to make a viable embryo. 

4.      After experiencing miscarriages

It is not correct to think that a woman who just had a miscarriage is reproductively healthy just because she can conceive. Do you know that multiple miscarriages can indicate a particular type of infertility problem that often affects 1-3 percent of couples? The common reasons for such miscarriages are: 

  • Genetic abnormalities of the embryo triggering the body to self-destroy the fetus
  • Hormonal problems including thyroid diseases, diabetes
  • Undetected structural problems in the uterus
  • Advance age hindering the ability to conceive. 

Make the right decision

Having problems in the reproductive system is not a fault. But visiting the best IVF centre in Delhi will be the smart decision. It can help you to get pregnant soon. The clinic can also offer assistance in further procedures if you remain infertile. There are several other ways to be the biological parents without carrying the fetus in your uterus.

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