Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Surrogacy Clinic in Delhi

by Shivani Sachdev Founder & Director
There may be several reasons why couples may consider the option of surrogacy. However, when it is your turn to locate a clinic, do not just choose the one you come across first. Remember that selecting the best surrogacy clinic in Delhi is one of the biggest decisions to make. Therefore, you need to research thoroughly to select the best option.

Things to remember
Surrogacy is one form of pregnancy where a woman is not fit to conceive naturally. In this process, the intended parents choose a gestational surrogate for giving birth to their child. The process of surrogacy comes with a few complications. Therefore, the role of a good clinic is to assist either party to learn more about various aspects of this process. The clinics ease the process for those who are yet to become familiar with the method of surrogacy.

Choosing the clinic
When working with the best surrogacy clinic in Delhi, you are likely to get relevant information, support, and guidance to make the process less complicated. Listed below is what you need to know before choosing the clinic.

Selecting the location
The parents to be and the gestational surrogate needs to visit the same clinic to create and prepare the embryo by taking the gametes from the parents. At the same time, the surrogate mother needs to visit the clinic to transfer the embryo only after taking the necessary medication. The surrogate may require arranging subsequent trips to the clinic for testing and monitoring.

Therefore, a conveniently located clinic is a significant consideration for either party for making frequent trips during the doctor’s appointments. Moreover, the surrogacy facilities may be tough to get in rural areas, and it may not be a realistic decision for the gestational surrogate to travel back and forth long distances. So, the location of the clinic needs to be convenient.

Budget and package
When choosing a surrogacy clinic, you need to consider the cost of the procedure and the expenses of medication and financial compensation. Try to find out whether the quote you receive from the clinic includes the cost of the surgical procedure, anesthesia, fertility evaluation, and regular trips. The best surrogacy hospital in Delhi should be transparent about the overall cost of the surrogacy procedure.

Enquire the success rate
You may get a rough idea about the probable success rate of the surrogacy clinics online. However, when entering the process of surrogacy, you must visit the facility to garner comprehensive information. The statistical rates may not reveal the cases they handle, the kind of parties they deal with, and their experience. You need to get word-of-mouth from the previous parties to feel more confident about the entire procedure.

Service they offer
When you choose the best surrogacy centre in Delhi, you need to feel comfortable with them. Besides, it should have an equipped laboratory to create gametes and embryos, the cleanliness, pressure, environment, the doctors, and the organization itself need to determine your decision.

Accomplish your needs
You need to do your homework when looking for a surrogacy clinic. Try to find out whether they offer the services mentioned below:
1.    Genetic screening of embryos
2.    IVF facility
3.    Pregnancy testing
4.    Coordination with gamete banks
5.    Medical screening

Remember that not all surrogacy clinics offer similar services. Depending on your selection, the facility may offer comprehensive health care to the surrogate and combine it with the regular appointments during gestational surrogacy. They must have expertise in fertility techniques and allow the surrogate and the intended parents to accomplish their goals. When choosing the best surrogacy centre in Delhi, you need to get all the information and make your decision final.

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