Why Are Some Doctors And Clinic’s Less Expensive Than Others?

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Hair transplant is one of the best treatments for hair loss and baldness, people who are facing hair loss and baldness can opt for hair transplant to get rid of it, there are many clinics in India which provide it, according to a research, in every 15 days a new hair transplant clinic established, but having a hair transplant is a big decision and it is important to select the best hair clinic and Best Hair Transplant Doctor In India, so if you are looking to have a hair transplant than Avenues Cosmetic Clinic is one of the best options having the team of best hair transplant surgeon in India, there are many clinics who try to grab the patients by providing cheap hair transplant, let’s discuss some of the facts that why doctors and clinics are less expensive than others.

First, Of All, Let’s Discuss The Real And Ideal Cost Of A Hair Transplant:-

There are many factors on which the cost of hair transplant depends, some of them are the area of baldness, the number of grafts needed, the method of opting a hair transplant, and most of all the surgeon you choose for performing your hair transplant, all these deeply impact the cost of hair transplant.

In general, a hair transplant cost ranges from 30000 to 200000 INR, it depends upon the factors of hairs and the number of grafts needed to perform your hair transplant, it starts with around 30000 to 40000 INR and increases accordingly with the number of grafts increased.

There are many clinics in India who offer hair transplant in very less cost, but in reality it is not possible in the case of a safe and successful hair transplant because there are many factors associated with a hair transplant which needs to be kept in mind while deciding to have a hair transplant, some of them are:

  • The Area Of Hair Loss Or Baldness

The first and foremost reason of having a hair transplant is hair loss or baldness, the overall cost of hair transplant depends on it, it is important to select a good surgeon in any case, that is either if you have a large area or small area for having your hair transplant, many fraud clinics offer hair transplant within very minimal cost guaranteeing to cover a large area of hair loss, but neither do they provide proper results nor they give the assurance from any kind of risk and infections.

  • Location Of The Hospital

India is no doubt a big country having big and small cities, likewise the cost of hair transplant varies in different cities, for example, if you compare the cost of hair transplant in Mumbai and Bhopal, you may notice a big difference in both the prices because both cities are different having different location and size.

  • Qualification And Experience Of The Doctor

These are the most important factor that differs the cost of hair transplant, in order to achieve the best results of your hair transplant, it is important to select an experienced and qualified hair transplant surgeon. But there are some clinics available where the surgery is performed by inexperienced technicians who provide hair transplant within the low cost, these kinds of surgeries are riskier along with zero percentage effectiveness, a good surgeon and clinics performs the surgery with proper care and effectiveness along with a huge success rate. So if you are facing any kind of hair loss and baldness, you can prefer a hair transplant but to the extinct that it should be performed by the Best Hair Transplant Surgeon in India. Avenues Cosmetic Clinic owns one of the best hair transplant doctors in India. So grab your consultation first.

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