I Want to Grow My Calf Muscles

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There has been a lot of work by sports scientists lately into the calf muscles. It turns out that the calf muscles are just as important to runners as the perhaps more obvious glutes, hamstrings and quads. Calf muscles have been measured to put out more than 25% more effort than quads for example, and when your calf is out, you really know about it. 

The calf muscle is actually not one but two muscles. There is an inner muscle and an outer one. If you have ever seen someone whose calf is so well-developed there seems to be a line between the two, that is the inner and outer muscles being defined in their own right.

All this combines to say the developing a calf muscle which fits tightly against your jeans is not about muscle vanity. Rather it is all about developing lower leg strength which will help you run better regardless of the distance.

If you’re getting ready with a Personal trainer for Spartan Race NYC, you’re probably already concentrating on your calf muscles. It is the best way of getting ready for the almost constant assault of inclines, declines and technical terrain. Incidentally if you have ever noticed it is easier to go uphill than it is downhill work your calves for their stabilizing effect on your knees. 

Trainers in New York City are aware of the benefits of strong calf muscles. In sports where you need to either decelerate quickly or change direction you calf muscles absorb up to 12 times your body weight. Even a 100lb person is feeling the effects of 12 people – it is a lot for the legs to bear and while quads take their share a strong calf is better for the whole body.

Good for you wanting strong calf muscles – you’re ahead of most people.

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