How to troubleshoot Slow Download issue in PlayStation 4?

by Victoria Parker Digital Marketer

Undoubtedly slow download speed is one of the major issues with PlayStation 4. Most of the PS4 owners are annoyed with this issue, and possibly this is the only thing that they hate about their PlayStation. These days, games are getting bigger and bigger, some of around 50 GB. Mostly all games require online access for multiplayer gaming, so having a large size is probable. If you’re also irritated with the slow downloading speed of your PS4, here are the troubleshooting tips.

General tricks to troubleshoot slow download issue in PlayStation 4


•    Download one game at one time.

•    Avoid playing online while downloading.

•    Pause your download and then resume.

•    Make sure other devices aren’t eating the download speed.

•    Check the modem and router’s bandwidth.

•    Check and upgrade your plan.

•    Try using an Ethernet connection.

•    Update your PS4’s firmware

Check below how these tricks will help you to deal with slow download issue in PlayStation 4.

Download one game at one time

Obviously, if you’re downloading multiple items at a time, it will slow down the download speed. Because downloading numerous games at the same time divides the speed of downloading, therefore, all items download slowly. If only your game is in downloads, then the entire speed will be used by it, and consequently, you’ll get the best result.

Avoid playing online while downloading

You may already know online playing requires an excellent downloading speed, a little fall in speed lags your game. This will not only affect your playing experience by lagging your game but also slow down the downloading speed if you’re downloading something at the same time. Close the game you’re playing and allow the pending items to download completely.

Pause your download and then resume

Pausing the download and then resuming works same as restarting a device. If the game you’re downloading is stuck for a long time or initiating, you should try pausing and then resuming it. This will help to increase the download speed.

Make sure other devices aren’t eating the download speed

If your PlayStation console is connected to a Wi-Fi network that other devices are also using like your home network, then you’ll get the divided download speed and result in slow downloading. You can try downloading when no or least devices are connected to the network. If possible, disconnect the other connected devices, your phone, computer, or another console.

Check the modem and router’s bandwidth

Modems and routers have a limit of bandwidth, and cheap devices have less. Even if you have a premium internet plan with good downloading speed if your modem doesn’t support this, you’ll not get the full speed. Check your modem and router’s bandwidth if you find it less, consider upgrading it.

Check and upgrade your plan

Maybe the issue is with your internet connection, not in your modem or console. Downloading speed also depends on the plan you will not get the speed above the capacity of your plan. Check your plan and download speed, if it is of low capacity. You should have to upgrade your plan to troubleshoot the download issue in your PS4.

Try using an Ethernet connection

Although, PlayStation 4 support wireless internet connectivity, you can also connect it directly to your modem or router through an Ethernet cable. If you’re still not getting a faster download speed, change the wireless connection with wired. Take an Ethernet cable, insert its one end into the square port of your console and other into the similar port of the router or modem. Connecting a console directly to the modem or router always increase the internet speed.

Update your PS4’s firmware

PlayStation 4 console automatically prompt to update the firmware when it gets the internet access. Always keep your console’s firmware up to date, it will boost the overall functionality, fix issues, as well as improves the downloading speed.

Without requiring much, these tricks will help you to troubleshoot slow download issue in your PlayStation 4.

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