How To Select Best Rotavator For Your Farm

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Rotavator a primary tillage machine that can do perform the tasks of primary tilling work and secondary both. With the help of rotavator, a farmer can add profits in his/her agriculture business. Here in this article, we will discuss how to select the best rotavator for your farmland. 

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Here are some key factors that affect the decision of choosing the rotavator for your farmland. 

  1. Size of Rotavator
  2. Cost of Rotavator
  3. Rotavator Blades
  4. Types of Blades
  5. Features of Rotavator 

Size of Rotavator

As we are already aware that the types of rotavator available in the market and each one can be different sizes for types of applications.Rotavator small version like rotary tillers designed especially for use in the garden and on small portions. Big models of tractor rotavator are made for the medium-duty and heavy-duty work also for the larger areas of land like vegetable fields and grain fields. The general size of rotavator used like 3 feet to 7 feet by the farmers. These kind of rotavators are powerful pieces of expert equipment and they are better implemented for more extensive operations.

Cost of Rotavator

If we talk about the cost of agricultural rotavator then the price depends upon the size and the types you are choosing. A multi-speed rotavator can cost 1 Lakh/ Unit and operate easily with the PTO power by the 35 to 55 HP tractors. 

Rotavator Blades

The most popular and effective seedbed preparation work L shaped blades are being used. These blades are attached to a rotary shaft that is powered by the tractor power-take-off (PTO) shaft. These blades configuration can be two types the first one is a three-blade configuration and the second is two blade configuration. With the configuration of blade high grade of cultivation can be achieved. 

Types of Blades

As per the condition of the field types of blade are used. L shaped blades are most common as the form is preferred to others in heavy cultivation and they are sufficient to eliminate weeds and frequently cause less clay pulverization. With the C-shapes blades, hard ground can easily be prepared. This blade got more curved in compare to L shaped blades and with lower tendency to clog used in heavy, wet soils field. These are also other types of blade are used in rotavator shafts like Long shank blade, Speed blade and straight knife blade. You can choose a rotavator as per your requirement. 

Features of Rotavator 

If you are in the Agriculture business then you already know of the problem preparing the heavy and black cotton soils. The Clod establishment can be deal with the help of plough, cultivators and to prepare, these type of field ploughing, harrowing, levelling etc conventional implements requires. To overcome these problems and reduce the use of primary and secondary tillage implement work rotavator is being used. Rotavator cuts the soil, smashes it according to seedbed demand that is rough or light. As we already see in the above video that rotavator shaft cutting blades are there to breaking the clods and with the different blades these work can be made easy. 

Hope These will help you select the right agricultural machinery for your Field.

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