How to Seal Moving Boxes with Packing Tape for Your Next Move?

by Ram Sewak Transportation
If you are moving to or from Kolkata then this blog is definitely going to help you with some techniques of moving sealed boxes. You can hire packers and movers Kolkata if you as they are experienced and trained professionals so that it becomes easier for you. 

Packing for relocation is something that is energy-draining, laborious, and nerve-racking task. It is, though, no wonder that you get a sigh of relief when the time comes when you seal the box. It indicates that ultimately you have arrived at the final step of packing, now you can sit back, take a nap and congratulate yourself. 

If you are able to do that, anyhow, you are supposed to be sure that you are able to do the job well – you have all the required packing material, provided all sort of safety packing to your items, packed the box in the right manner, and sealed them as well. 

The last thing that you have to do in the process of packing is taping the boxes and it is something to be the least of your worries. It is so easy that it seems that nothing can go wrong with it.

Yet, as easy as taping a cardboard box might be, doing it in the wrong way might result in wastage of time and money. If a box is not sealed properly then it can easily open during the course of your move and also damage the items that are packed with it. It can ever cause personal injuries. 
Probably the best lesson you can learn from professional packers is that you should never skimp on packing supplies when wrapping up extra-fragile items for moving.

Once you’ve gathered the necessary amount of the main packing materials – boxes, packing paper, and bubble wrap, you may get tempted to use less padding when wrapping up your breakables with the purpose of lowering the overall packing costs.

Don’t do it. The best professional packers in the business would never compromise packing safety for the sake of saving a few dollars’ worth of wrapping paper and bubble wrap. And you shouldn’t do it either… unless you somehow wish to find some of your valuables broken or ruined forever when you unbox them in the new home.

Pros and cons of using different types of tapes 

All things considered, packing tape is the best tape for packing boxes. It is incredibly strong, easy to apply and easy to remove, and it is designed to withstand heat, cold, and humidity without cracking or losing its stick.

When you are considering anything of that sort, packing tape is one of the best tapes for packing up the boxes for a move. The tape should be strong, easy to be applied and to be removed. It should not loosen up in heat, cold and in humidity without cracking and losing the stick. 

Though we know all the advantages of packing tape in any kind of circumstances, you might have to use other types of tape for your cardboard boxes

Shipping tape 

Shipping tape remains as it is even during high temperatures.  It is strong enough to keep the moving boxes tightly packed during house relocation. It remains intact at any temperatures and it is the best choice for local transportation

Filament tape 

Filament tape is unreceptive to temperatures and has something strands that make it extremely sturdy, so that it suits the packing very well for packing all the heavy boxes around. 

Gummed paper tape 

Gummed tape has an adhesive material that activates when it comes in contact with the water. It does create a very strong, and never ending bond, but it definitely becomes tough to apply than other types of tape and that are difficult to be removed from the cartons. Though, it is only worth it to be used for all the heavy boxes that have a very long way to travel – and this should only be used on the boxes that you don’t feel like keeping with you. 

Labeled tape 

It is also a good option as it combines the work of labeling and sealing. These tapes are colored with the name of the room that box belongs to. It is very clearly seen on each and every side of the carton. So, when you enter the threshold of your new place. You and your movers should know where the box should go. 

How to tape a moving box properly

Once you have arranged right tape for your cardboard boxes, it is important to know the proper to use it. 

Here is how to tape the moving boxes:

Secure the bottom of the box properly

Before you keep anything into the moving box, it is important to ensure that it has a very strong base that that doesn’t fall or burst open because of the weight of the belongings. In other words, you need to tape up the base of the box – if you don’t want to do that then you can put the flaps of the bottom on each other. 

It is very important to make the base strong by taping from the bottom, joining both the flaps and then taping it with multiple layers 

It is very important to tape the box from the bottom. People generally don’t tape the box from the bottom and leave it to be taped from the top of the box. 

It is the reason things flow down from the bottom and then you have to make it easier for the betterment. 

So, these are the tips to tape a box for the purpose of packing. It is an easy step as compared to all other steps of packing but it is important that you take things clearly. This step secures your belongings to the moving boxes so it is as important as any other step. 

If you think that you won’t be able to do it on your own then it is advisable to hire mover and packers in Kolkata. 

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