How to recognize a good investment advisor?

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In a constantly changing context, it is increasingly difficult to be accompanied by investments and wealth management. And the arrival of digital in the banking and heritage world does not always facilitate things.

Which address? How to choose your advisor? What are the criteria to prioritize to best target the professional who will accompany you over time? What are the good questions to ask before making your decision?

In the heart of this article, we give you some keys to choose your interlocutor in terms of investments. If you need an advisor now then click on financial advisor Anaheim Hills CA.

1) Check the degree of skills and professional approvals of your interlocutor

First and foremost, as a lay person, you need to ask about the skills and professional abilities of the person who is supposed to help you manage your money; including your banker or your family insurer.

You should know that there is a precise regulation on the professions of the Council in Wealth Management, Financial Investment Advisory, Brokerage in insurance products and solutions or the sale of real estate.

2) Define with your advisor your project, your needs, your objectives and your means

A determining factor that should help you in your choice of companion lies in the approach of this one. The priority is above all to define your risk profile and your needs through a heritage audit. This support will allow your advisor to better understand your objectives and to present you recommendations in line with them while respecting your means.

This step, as well as the following ones, must be quickly formalized through a letter of mission which will frame your relationship with your advisor, the amplitude of his mission and the commitments of each one.

3) Dematerialized or not, the "free" advice does not exist

Once validated the competences of your interlocutor and launched the process of accompaniment, the question arises naturally of the cost that can represent the intervention of an independent Advice in Wealth Management or a Consultant in Financial Investment.

First of all, please note that there is no minimum amount of wealth to hold to use an investment professional. There are more and more tools to "democratize" the patrimonial council.

4) Privilege today the transversally of the council to approach your problems with a global vision

A recurring question can arise when you, saving, decide to be accompanied in your heritage strategy. Do you have to favor a specialist, a generalist or bring together several professionals around a table?

There is no better solution than another. Each diagram can be adapted to your expectations and your mode of perception of a commercial relationship over time. It goes without saying that privileging a professional with the ability to have a global and transversal vision of your issues is a real plus . It is essential in terms of investments to ensure the impacts and consequences that an investment can have on the rest of a portfolio, both in terms of overall exposure to risk, as well as at the tax or estate level.

5) Look for pedagogy first, because understanding your investment is the basis of your future success

The first quality that your CGP or CIF must have is its ability to "popularize" a speech that can sometimes be very technical. Beware sometimes interlocutors who display their knowledge with a plethora of unverifiable legal references or indigestible technical words for the layman that you are.

6) The positioning of

To be "Glocal" is to have a global approach through the digital and local with local practices in Paris and the region in order to sweep all the needs of French savers.

The use of digital tools and a strong presence on the web allows to open many fields of action and gives access to a very complete offer in solutions and patrimonial products. However, the dematerialization and dehumanization of the web tool can scare or repel a certain type of customers. Hence the idea of ​​continuing to support a more traditional advice and support model with the possibility of receiving clients in premises or building a network of relationships.

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