How To Heal a Flu Before Thanksgiving Day

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How to stay safe at Thanksgiving as COVID-19, flu and RSV rise - Los  Angeles Times

There’s probably no worse time of the year to be sick than over the holidays. Whether it’s before Christmas, New Year’s Eve or Thanksgiving, you just want to get well quick. Get ready for flu season by keeping flu medicine without acetaminophen on hand for when the symptoms start. If you do get sick before the holiday, take care of yourself to get over the flu a little quicker.

Best OTC Flu Medicines

Get the flu medicines for your illness. Homeopathic chest congestion relief can often be better than normal over-the-counter medications that suppress your cough. A cough is your body’s natural response to germs. Soothe the cough instead of completely quieting it. A decongestant can help keep the mucus in your respiratory system flowing freely, which can also get the virus out of your body quicker. Have flu medications on hand to fight the bug.

Get Plenty of Rest & Fluids

Get your flu vaccine to minimize symptoms, but know that if you do get sick, you’re going to need to slow down to heal. When you notice symptoms, don’t overdo it. Exerting yourself will only make you more tired and more susceptible to other viruses and germs. Let your body heal itself with getting enough sleep and rest.

With the flu, you may not feel like eating or drinking, but dehydration makes it more difficult to kick a virus out of your system. Start by making sure you are drinking plenty of fluids. Clear liquids will go down easier. Chicken or vegetable broth, hot herbal teas, and apple juice are good drinks when your stomach is upset. You may even want to use Pedialyte or another electrolyte solution.

Once your stomach is ready for more substantial foods, eat blander foods. The BRAT diet is usually recommended, bananas, rice, applesauce and toast. Chicken noodle soup and oatmeal are also good when you’re sick. You may want to avoid dairy foods, caffeinated or alcoholic drinks and sugary foods until you get over the symptoms. Try to eat as healthy as possible to help your body fight off the germs.

Pamper yourself for a few days while you recover. Sleep with a humidifier or vaporizer to help keep your respiratory passages moist. Take a hot shower or bath to ease your achy muscles. Use extra pillows to prop your head up while you sleep. Sleep or rest as much as you can.

Accept the Inevitable

Even with the best intentions and taking the best homeopathic flu medicine, you may not be able to make your body heal fast enough to cook your normal Thanksgiving meal. Have a plan B. Go to a restaurant. Hold Thanksgiving at someone else’s house. Postpone the dinner. Don’t push yourself so much that you end up sick again. If you have symptoms that mean you’re contagious, don’t share the flu with the rest of your family because of the holidays. You are most contagious in the first three to five days of showing symptoms. If you have a fever, you should stay away from loved ones, too.

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