How to have a Kid-friendly Thanksgiving?

by Elaine E. Traditional Chinese Medical Center

The holiday season is meant for families to gather and celebrate together. Some holidays are more popular than others, but Thanksgiving is the one holiday that everyone loves to celebrate. It doesn’t matter how old you are, because the Thanksgiving holiday is a fun holiday for all ages.


However, it’s essential to make this holiday fun for kids as well. To celebrate the holiday fully, you need to make your children feel comfortable with the food and the celebration itself as well. What this means is that there might be slight changes to the menu and in décor.


Be Ready for Changes


We all know how kids can get bored at big family gatherings and how they might not like the traditional Thanksgiving menu. It’s completely understandable. After all, they’re kids. However, you could apply a few tweaks to this year’s celebration to make your kids feel more comfortable with the holiday.


Probably the most exciting part of every holiday for kids after food is the décor. Therefore, it’s essential to put on the décor the kids will like. Making your children feel happy and cheerful is all you need for a holiday celebration, and usually, the little things are what makes all the difference. Additionally, creating a kid-friendly menu will also help your kids experience the holiday differently. These are some of the ideas on how to make Thanksgiving holiday kid-friendly:


1. The Décor is of Vital Importance


In case you have no idea how to set up your home décor for festivities, it’s essential to know that plants and flowers will make a huge impact. Therefore, using a flower delivery service will save you both time and energy. If you happen to celebrate Thanksgiving in the UAE, you should know that there are incredible flower delivery Dubai stores that offer to deliver your orders as quickly as possible.


Thanksgiving is a special holiday celebrated in Autumn. Therefore, orange, yellow, and brown colors are the ones that dominate this time of year. Make sure to let the flower delivery company know precisely what kind of plants and flowers you want for your home.


Upon receiving the plants from your local flower delivery store, you might want to think about how you’ll decorate your home so the kids could feel the Thanksgiving holiday warmth. Creating interactive décor will provide your children hours of fun.

Thanksgiving Decoration

2. Create a Child-Friendly Menu


Thanksgiving is a holiday followed by incredible Thanksgiving dishes. However, children may not feel the festive spirit with traditionally served meals. The entire roasted turkey might seem beautiful to grown-ups, but kids need entertainment, even when it comes to food.


Therefore, creating a kid-friendly Thanksgiving menu will keep your children at the table during dinner time. After all, Thanksgiving is about family and dining together, and if your kids are up and about, you won’t be able to enjoy the calmness that this holiday brings. Here are some of the kid-friendly dinner menu ideas


When it comes to the kid-friendly menu, you won’t have to make pizza or burgers. All you need to do is to be a bit creative with the dishes you already have. Children love funny and exciting names for meals. Therefore, make sure to name the dishes as something that is appealing to children.


Additionally, kids are very visually sensitive and are easily entertained if the food served to them is colorful and attractive. Creating unusual shapes, animals, and some other interesting objects will undoubtedly keep the kids interested in dining with the family instead of running around without eating their dinner.


It’s possible to recreate both sour and sweet dishes in a manner that will be appealing to kids of all ages. All you need is imagination and creativity.

                                        The Whole Family Gathered for Thanksgiving Dinner

3. Create Thanksgiving Games for Children


Thanksgiving is not all about the food, but it celebrates the harvest of the past year. Therefore, it’s a good idea to create educational games that will teach your children about the importance of the holiday. Additionally, you can explain them through interactive games what is Thanksgiving celebration and why is it important.


By doing so, you’ll make sure that the kids won’t be bored at another family gathering and dinner, and they’ll learn more about the holiday itself. In case you’re out of ideas about creating interactive games for your children, you can always look up for the solution on the web.


Let’s Wrap Up


Thanksgiving is one of the most celebrated holidays across the US, Canada, and many other countries around the world. Like any other holiday, it might come as dull to your kids. Therefore, it’s crucial to make them understand the holiday and engage them in a fun and productive way.

Home decoration is essential, and if you’re out of time for buying the décor by yourself, find a reliable flower delivery store that will bring everything you need to your doorstep. Also, make sure to adjust the diner menu for children. That way, they’ll undoubtedly enjoy the family dinner.


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