How To Get Maximum Hair Density By Hair Transplantation?

by Andrew Martin Health Consultant

Hair transplant procedure were introduces decades ago and had flaws as providing the high density wasn’t much possible and the outcomes were unnatural with plugged hairs. Since then advancements have strengthen the roots of the procedure in the commercial world and has made it the ultimate solution to hair loss.

The advancements in the field of hair transplant have focused on providing the hair transplant with higher hair density and absolutely. The hair transplant procedures are performed by transferring the hair grafts from one location (donor area) to another (desired bald area) which is purely a restorative means to cover the bald area.

Hair transplant in Jaipur as changed the perspective of the people looking for hair transplant as you can have all the benefits of the procedure at few renowned hair transplant clinics in the city. Not only the domestic patients but the patients from all around the globe prefer visiting the pink city for hair transplant tourism. Hair transplant cost in Jaipur has become quite economical as this industry is completely saturated in the city which has led to huge competition.

Hair Transplant in Jaipur

For over 15 years, Medispa hair transplant clinic has been pioneer in the field of hair transplant and introduced certain cutting edge innovative procedures to deliver the maximum possible hair density with absolutely natural looking results. We have performed over 5000 FUT and FUE hair transplants and adopted latest techniques routinely in order to provide the incredible outcomes in single session.

If you are looking for experience you have definitely found the best: Dr Suneet Soni. He has performed more than 5000 successful and impeccable hair transplants, and this amount of success rate is hard to find. His USP is to design the natural looking hairline which is exceptional and the biggest reason to choose him as your hair transplant surgeon. We are definitely the most talked hair transplant clinics worldwide for our excellent services and world class outcomes.

Is it possible to get maximum hair density by hair transplantation?

At Medispa clinic, with the level of expertise and experience of Dr suneet Soni the best hair transplant outcomes with maximum hair density is inevitable. He believes in mot sugar coating the circumstances and depicts what is really possible as per your situation for a better transparency. We believe that our impeccable thousands of hair transplants speak for itself.

The hair transplant procedure use your own hairs and the use of artificial hair or someone else’s hairs is a misinformation people have regarding the procedure. Thus, for the feasibility of the procedure it is must for your donor areas to have ample hair follicles to provide the adequate hair coverage.

Thus, you need to first pay a visit for consult to a competent hair transplant surgeon who will assess the complete situation and reveal what could be the maximum expectations you can have from the hair transplant procedure as it is different for each patient.

How to get maximum hair density by hair transplantation?

Getting maximum hair density followed by hair transplant is what every hair loss sufferer dream about. You can definitely be the one to achieve the incredible outcomes with Medispa hair transplant clinic. The first most concern for us in order to provide the high density hair transplant is the availability of the hair density at the donor areas. If your donor area is worth providing the hair density then we will definitely provide your greater value for your time and money with the maximum possible hair density.

1.      Make use of combination techniques: Combination technique of FUT and FUE and Combination technique of FUT, FUE and BHT are the techniques which offers the higher yield of hair grafts from the donor area. The procedure provides the provision of harvesting more than 4000 hair grafts which is well sufficient to provide a high density hair transplant or treating extensive hair loss cases in single session. In addition, this technique also provides the provision of preserving the hair follicles for the future use in case of multiple visits and in progressive hair loss. In this technique the maximum numbers of hair grafts are harvested using the FUT technique and the rest of the residual numbers of hair grafts using FUE hair transplant technique from either the scalp or BHT (Body hair transplant).

2.      Least damage to hair grafts: The hair grafts are damaged during the procedure is carried while harvesting or transplanting the hair grafts if it is not performed by experts. The safe harvesting of the hair grafts is essential in which the hair transplant surgeon should ensure that over harvesting is not been pursued, donor area is not violated and the physical damage has not been done to the hair roots to ensure the permanency of the hair follicles which in turn would led to survival of hair grafts for the maximum hair density. Including, the handling of hair grafts should be done with extreme care so as to ensure the survival of hair grafts.

Make the right choice of the best hair restoration treatment with Medispa hair transplant clinic in Delhi and Jaipur.

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