How To Improve Hair Density With Hair Transplantation?

by Andrew Martin Health Consultant

Are you trying to find the best surgeon for hair transplants to solve your hair loss issue?

Do you desire a hair transplant with great density?

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The most well-known location for a top-notch hair transplant at a reasonable price is the Medispa hair transplant clinic in Delhi and Jaipur. We are industry pioneers in the field of hair transplantation and are renowned for delivering the most reliable, amazing outcomes with a success rate of 97 to 100%.

One of the best hair transplant surgeons in the nation, Dr. Suneet Soni is well-known for his skills in creating hairlines and offering the greatest amount of hair density based on his exceptional surgical abilities. He is a renowned hair transplant surgeon in the nation who is renowned for producing amazing and perfect hair transplant results.

A hair transplant is a technique that entails the removal of hand-selected permanent hair grafts from the donor area and their subsequent transplantation to the intended bald area. The process calls for using your own hair, which is only achievable if the donor portions of your body have enough hair follicles to cover the area adequately.

The length of time required for the process, which ranges from 4 to 8 hours, entirely depends on the quantity of hair grafts to be harvested, the degree of baldness, and the technique used for the hair transplant. The procedures involve administering local anaesthetic, then taking hair transplants from the donor area and transplanting them into the recipient area.

Principle of hair transplantation

The technique for hair transplantation involves choosing hair grafts that are DHT resistant and permanent. The DHT-resistant hair grafts can be placed in various parts of the body or the back and sides of the head. When transplanted in the recipient's balding area, these DHT resistant hair grafts do not experience any hair follicular alterations, such as hair thinning or hair miniaturisation, making them last a lifetime.

According to the notion of donor dominance, the genetic makeup of the hair is contained in its roots, which, when transplanted at any location, retain the characteristics of the root itself. This explains why hair transplant methods produce permanent results.

Due to the permanent nature of the operation and the amazing facilities available for hair transplant in Delhi, the procedure has become highly popular. Due to intense competition among the countless hair transplant clinics that have opened up shop in every nook and cranny, the hair transplant cost in Delhi has decreased significantly. But you must need a perfectionist to carry out the treatment if you want the process to produce guaranteed lasting effects with amazing results.

Is it possible to get high hair density following hair transplant?

The provision of the availability of the hair density at the donor locations that can be harvested to deliver the desired results is the most important requirement for the potential of attaining a high density hair transplant. The donor areas are specific parts of your body, such as the sides and back of your head or, alternatively, your body hair. These particular places were chosen because they have permanent hair roots.

How to get high density hair transplant?

The most important necessity for a high density hair transplant is to select a skilled hair transplant surgeon to do the process. The following techniques can be used to perform a high density hair transplant:

1.      By improving the survival of the hair grafts: The hair grafts must be harvested and handled with extreme care during the procedure. The team and the hair transplant surgeon should have a great deal of experience working with these microscopic hair grafts. The risk of harm should be minimised when transplanting the hair grafts. Choosing the donor locations and deciding how many hair grafts to harvest are also highly important decisions. Any instances of overharvesting or violating the donor area should be avoided by the hair transplant surgeon in order to increase the survival rate of the hair transplants.

By selecting the cutting-edge methods available to do so: In situations where it is practical, high density hair transplants can be performed using cutting edge technology. With the intention of producing high hair density through a larger yield of hair grafts of more than 4000 hair grafts, the combination approach was first introduced. The right hair density can be attained in a single session thanks to the larger output of hair grafts. Under skilled hands, the combination technique uses both FUT and FUE to provide high density hair transplants with the lowest rate of damage.

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