How To Flush Your Radiator And Why It Should Be Done Regularly

by Blair Nicole PR, Marketing

While all car parts need regular service, overhaul, and care, the radiators should be especially attended to as they do not make any noise and there is no early sign of an impending problem. Radiator functions as a heat exchanger and keeps your car’s engine cool. Modern cars use the aluminum radiators and a water-based coolant. As the reactions occur whenever you drive your vehicle or when the engine is on, the production of unwanted chemical and substance deposits often accompanies radiator usage. The coolant or radiator malfunction can lead to car breakdown (remember the sight of a car pulled by a roadside with steam coming out of the hood the engine!). Radiator flush is the addition of a cleaner to the radiator and to the cooling system so that the corrosive substances, rust, sediments and other undesirable substances are removed.

Flushing the radiator: The DIY tips

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You can also maintain the cooling system of the radiator yourself by following the tips given below. A number of auto shops in your vicinity will offer you all the necessary items and products that you require for undertaking the process successfully.

Let the car cool down. The coolant should be at a safe temperature before you start the process.

● Open the hood of the car and remove the cap from the radiator. This will help the excess pressure to escape from the cooling system.

● Locate the position of the drain plug of the radiator. Place a steel/metal tray beneath it so that the coolant gets poured on the tray when it gets released.

● Open the screw of the drainage plug (located beneath the radiator) and let the coolant drain completely.

● Once the coolant is completely removed from the system, screw the plug back. Now add distilled water to the coolant reservoir so that it gets filled completely. Now turn on the car’s engine. The distilled water will subsequently be circulated throughout the engine and the radiator. The air bubbles will also be removed.

● Drive your car for a short distance and let the temperature of the engine increase marginally (to up to 110 degree Celsius).

● Now mix the anti-freeze and coolant liquids (available at the auto part stores) in 50:50 ratio. You can also see the owner manual and find out any other premixed liquid that the manual specifies. Start the engine once again so that the flushing takes place once again.

● The liquid that emanates out of the radiator will contain the various corrosive materials and other kinds of deposits that cause fouling. You can also add the anti-rust substances that will increase the life of the radiator while cleaning it.

A coolant service may be needed for every 30, 000 mile of traveling or once every 3 or 4 years. Whether you do it yourself or entail professional help, the radiator needs timely care. If you are looking for a reputed, honest and credible auto repair service provider in Utah and Salt Lake City, we at Ace Auto Utah repair all kinds of automobiles including cars, vans, RVs and trucks and also offer towing serves in the region. Call us now for a free estimate and consultation. We also offer you seasonal and other discounts and are the leading provider of authentic auto parts and certified auto repair services.

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