How to Choose a Water Purifier for Your Home

by Alex Johnson Head of digital marketing

The quality of water that you consume has a direct impact on your health. it is very important to consume your water. In order to consume your water you will need to get a water purifier. Now there are several water purifiers available in the Indian market. a lot of people think that all of these water purifiers work in the same manner but that is not the case. Water purifiers are quite an investment. This makes finding a water purifier a very difficult task. There are many options available in the market and all of these brands advertise aggressively and promise to provide the best quality over others. The fact is that you will need to choose a different water purifier based on the location where you live and your other requirements

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Things to consider before you choose the right water purifier for yourself

 Check the quality of the source water

The most important thing when trying to find the best water purifier is to ascertain the quality of the source water Now different locations in India get supplied different kinds of water you will need to understand the quality of the water that you get supplied at home. In big cities most places get water supplied by local municipality. It has been treated in some manner then it is said to our homes. 

While the municipalities are able to provide water in a lot of places in major metros some places do not get supply by the municipality. In these places people usually have to rely on either the groundwater or they have to order Water tankers. Now in case your building gets supply of water through Water tankers you will know that the water supplied by these Water tankers is hard water. This water cannot be consumed directly as it contains a very high percentage of various dissolved solids like fluoride heavy metals and others. in case your supply of water is either underground or through Water tankers then you should choose an arrow water purifier. This is because of the special  selectively permeable membrane That is part of the water purifier. In case you get a soft water supply at your home which is already being treated then using a purifier with us Technology could be sufficient for you. 

Check out water storage capacity of the water purifier

Before you purchase a water purifier you should try to find out what is the capacity of a water purifier.  different family sizes would have different requirements in terms of quantity of the water that they consume. keeping in mind that the water supply in India it is not very regular  

Build Quality

It is also important to find out the quality of the material which is used to make product. The plastic should be tough and engineering grade. Also the plastic should be food grade. Otherwise storing the water in the container can be harmful


A water purifier is used on a regular basis and it also requires maintenance. Your might want to take into account the maintenance cost while buying a water purifier. In case a water purifier is not maintained it might become ineffective. Also there are some parts of a water purifier that require replacement.

The cost that you spend depends on the type of water purifier. For example, UF water purifier is a basic technology and it might cost you only 1500 to 2000 rupees per year to maintain it.

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