Benefits of a Longer Torso for Swimmers

by Alex Johnson Head of digital marketing

Swimmers always wonder whether it is beneficial to have a long torso or longer legs. From a swimming point of view I must tell you that it is better if your torso is longer in length. The reason for this is that a major part of swimming power comes from the arms. as far as something is concerned your legs do not contribute a lot. in fact longer legs might even slow you down.  Long legs are long it in fact moves your centre of gravity towards the lower part of your body. that means compare to someone who has a longer upper body a person with longer legs will be having a more steep incline why he is showing. on the other side in case you have a bigger upper body which would mean I have your torso your centre of gravity will move towards upper part of your body which will make you swim in a decline position. a lot of rumours might know that swimming in this position can help you move forward more aggressively. In case you are a swimmer i would advise you to do exercises to get a longer torso.

If you are a swimmer at a school or a college level,  having a larger torso might not make such a difference. At amateur competitions it is more about the technique and skills rather than such differences. In case we are talking about championships at a world class level, decisions depend on hundreth of second. For this reason every little advantage can be beneficial for a swimmer.

In case of a lot of other  sport like bodybuilding having a bigger torso gives you several advantages. you are in a better position to do bench press and a large arm span is always beneficial.

In everyday life longer legs might have an advantage over having a longer torso . it makes you look taller which is always attractive. In case of women it gives you legs of a supermodel and you will look ok nice in any type of legwear. 

In case you are in the growing face you should try to focus on  gaining length on both parts of your body. that also as well as legs. There are many stretching exercises that can help you give a bigger torso.

 it is best to not worry too much about it and work on your height gaining goals regularly.

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