How To Become An Expert In Augmented Reality?

by Robert Smith Technology Expert

Wouldn't it be great to have a world that can superimpose an image or create a real-world experience? Well, this is not a fantasy anymore. The world is now witnessing a paradigm shift where we are witnessing the surge of new technological developments that are changing the pace of learning and growth. One such aspect that we will be focusing here is augmented reality or virtual reality.

What is augmented reality?

As you can decipher from the word virtual reality, it is an amalgamation of the virtual world with the real world; which means that we are superimposing images in the user's view of the real world. It creates an interactive experience in real-world environments. Well, when we talk about VR then its application is varied, it can be used in education, marketing, healthcare, and many other sectors. Thus, we have a growing demand for augmented reality experts. Companies like Global Tech Council are focusing on creating a skilled workforce in the field of augmented reality. The company provides augmented reality certification program which deals with the theoretical and practical aspects of augmented reality.

How can you pursue a career in this field?

If you too are planning to become an augmented reality expert, there are certain perquisites that you need to match. 

  1. Programming language and 3D - Whether you are starting as a newbie or you are a veteran, one of the key things that you must master is the programming language. One should know about it since augmented reality is about creating a real-life experience with the help of 3D images; it is important for you to know 3D programming. It is more or less similar to 3D game development. Knowledge about programming language C, C++, software development kits is a must. The seven most popular programming language that an augmented reality aspirant needs to master are :

  • C#

  • C/C++

  • Python

  • Java

  • JavaScript

  • Visual development tools

  • Swift

  1. Knowledge about Augmented Reality devices- If you wish to become an augmented reality expert, then you must also master the AR devices. You should know about the Degree of Freedom or DOF; there are two parts of the same:

  • Devices have three DOF-  It means you can interact with the world in 3 dimensions, i.e. X, Y and Z coordinates. 

  • Devices having six DOF- In this, you can move forward/back, up/down, and left/right. Thus you can move in more than three directions.

  1. Development of 3D models- Another aspect that you need to master is the development of 3D models. Well, there are two ways of doing the same, one is by creating it, and the second is by using the pre-existing one. But, it's always good to go with creating one. It will help you in the long run.  If you are planning to create a 3D model, then you need to master the following programs:

  • Blender

  • Autodesk 3ds Max

  • Autodesk Maya

Summary :

  1. Define the platform- It means you need to define the devices that you will be targeting like mobile, web, etc. and game engine, a framework to use.

  2. Learning the skill- You need to master 3D modeling, the language of the engine, User Interface of AR. 

  3. Start implementing-  Practice what you learn like data visualization, 360° experiences. 

  4. Join AR communities- one of the ways of becoming an AR expert is by joining communities and chats to communicate with other developers in the same field. 

To become an augmented reality expert, you need to take augmented reality certification which teaches you every aspect of this field and Global Tech Council is one such platform where you will get all the information about AR and its implementation.

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