How To Be A More Sustainable Traveler

by Emma L. Business consultant

Living sustainably has become more and more popular recently, and for a reason. In order to keep our planet safe, there are things that we should all try doing, such as adopting a more zero-waste lifestyle or using eco-friendly and cruelty-free products. There are many ways and options to choose from, so be sure to do things slowly and as you please, without being stressed out. And if you plan of traveling somewhere, here are some way show to be a sustainable traveler:

1. If possible, avoid flying

Of course, traveling overseas doesn’t count, but if you’re traveling from one part of the country to another or going to another country that’s easily reachable by land, try to ditch flying and opt for a car, a bus or a train. Nowadays almost everyone knows that flying is bad for the planet since planes use jet fuels that are polluting and leave a large carbon footprint. People who choose to fly add a huge amount of warming gases to the atmosphere and it’s also estimated that out of all transport-related emissions, flying accounts for the whopping 11%. Hopefully, we’ll witness the rise of the eco-friendly flying, but until then, if you want to live eco-friendly, try not flying if you don’t need to. After all, taking a road trip or traveling by train or a bus can be fun and bring you lots of new experiences.

2. Eat locally-sourced food

Fast-food chains such as McDonald's, Burger King and Taco Bell are all over the world, so it’s understandable why people reach out to them even when traveling abroad. They are safe, familiar and always taste the same so there’s no chance you’ll end up feeling hungry. Yet, they are also the reason for massive pollution so if you want to do your bit and help the planet, eating locally-sourced food is a great way to do it. Plus, you’ll be helping a small business thrive and possibly end up tasting something different and unique. Burgers and fries are great but so are locally-owned steakhouses and pizzerias that use homemade eggs, vegetables and dairy products. If you don’t know where to go, just search for reviews on websites such as TripAdvisor. 

3. Use small-sized and eco-friendly cosmetics

The cosmetics industry is turning to eco-friendly practices, which is great since it’s about time we start using cruelty-free products with mainly natural ingredients. When traveling, people are usually more focused on learning and sightseeing, so taking travel-sized bottles is a very green option since it means lighter luggage. In case you really need to bring some products, make sure they’re nicely packaged and try to take only the essentials. Packing a natural hydrating serum will be more beneficial and healthy than two or three tubes of face creams and foundations. Same goes for makeup: take only what you’ll definitely use so you won’t end up dragging a suitcase full of unnecessary stuff. Additionally, buying cosmetic from local family manufacturers will expose you to new ingredients and beauty routines so feel free to explore new options, just be sure to learn about their production processes and ingredients they use.

4. Walk as much as you can and use public transport

It’s familiar that driving is one of the main reasons for so much carbon emission, so if you ever find yourself in a different destination, try driving and less and walking more. Sometimes, driving is the most practical and easiest solution, so obviously, if needed, feel free to rent a car. But, if you really wish to have a sustainable trip, it’s recommended you walk more and use public transport as much as possible. Before you hop onto the local bus, make sure to learn all about bus lines and bus timetables. Also, when buying tickets, make sure they’re properly validated so you won’t end up paying the fine. Walking is also an excellent way to absorb the local vibe and learn about the new place. In case you like cycling, you can rent a bicycle and explore the city while riding around. Just remember to be careful and try not to get yourself in trouble. 

To conclude, traveling sustainably doesn’t have to be boring nor difficult. All it takes is a bit of effort and motivation. You don’t need to large suitcases full of clothes, because you can pack lightly. Instead of visiting shopping malls, go to the museum and galleries. Instead of buying from corporate chain stores, opt for locally-owned business. Learn about the new place and of course, always strive to keep it clean and green!

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