How to Avoid the Death Trap of Dangerous Telecom Billing Software?

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Telecom industry is out of control. The age-old formulas for success are not working anymore. Low costs of call and SMS services no longer sway the customers who are looking for ‘something more’ without even knowing what that is. The onus of evoking customer interest now solely lies in the hands of clueless telecom operators. Even the best of telcos with state-of-the-art infrastructure are finding the new challenge of enticing customers too hard to overcome. Therefore, many are busy procuring latest telecom billing software solutions without even checking if they are right for them.

The Dangers of Ordinary BSS Billing System

Reading the title, you might have thought that there must be something inherently sinister about a telecom solution for it to be considered dangerous. But that is not the case in reality. It is actually the ordinariness of a BSS billing system that makes them dangerous and spells doom for your business. Below are some reasons that explain how inefficient and ordinary software can be dangerous for your business:

1.      Lack of convergence and itemization – Nowadays, an invoice without itemization is as good as no invoice at all. Customers want complete bifurcation of charges incurred after each billing cycle. So, if the billing system employed by you is not up to the task and cannot produce detailed bills and account for all the charges in a single invoice, the customers of today will simply not accept that.

2.      Lack of flexibility – Marketing strategies evoke customer interest and help you sell your services. But when your billing and telecom OSS solutions are ordinary, it takes time for you to transform your plans into actions. During this delay, if customers get better options from your competitors, they will switch operators without giving a second thought. It will mean a loss of revenue for you. In worst case scenarios, you might even have to pay for tweaking the software in order to monetize your new services. Considering that IoT is about to boom and new 5G services are in the offing, the dangers of such an ordinary software solution are immense. Therefore, you should always choose a telecom software vendor that has considerably industry knowhow and can support your billing solution even after delivery.

3.      Lack of security – Your billing system comprises vital customer information that should not be divulged to anyone in any case. With hackers’ threat looming large over IT businesses, your telecom billing software solution needs to have extraordinary security. Procuring just about any software because it gets the job done can land you in big trouble.

4.      Lack of scalability – The number of subscribers is never a constant in the world of telecom. So, whenever you purchase billing & OSS solutions, you should ensure that it is scalable enough to meet your current and future requirements. Most rudimentary software solutions in the market do not have the capability to scale efficiently according to unique business models employed by different organizations. Hence, always go for a high-quality software solution like Telgoo5 for ensuring business success. 

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