How Much Exercise Does a Dog Need Every Day?

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The way to your dog’s happiness demands more than just taking the lanes of a healthy diet, belly rubs, a pat on the head, and regular visits to the vet. Exercising your dog regularly is equally important. In fact, exercise is a necessary supplement to enhance various attributes in your canine. From toning up the muscles to an astoundingly healthy metabolism, channelized energy, stimulation of the brain, promotion of good behavior, the benefits of exercising your dog are simply many.

Often, exercise is deemed with physical well-being. However, it is much more than that. In fact to put it simply, Exercising your Dog covers all the three aspects of Good health, that is, physical, mental, and social.

But then as the saying goes-excess of anything is bad, the same applies to Exercise as well. Having said that, as a dog parent, you may find yourself wondering “How much exercise does a dog need every day?”

Well, similar to human beings, the exercise requirements vary from dog to dog, depending on several factors such as breed, age, and underlying health issues.

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We have enlisted a few standard guidelines you can follow to judge just How Much Exercise Does a Dog Need Every Day.


      In General terms, a leashed walk around the block isn’t enough to cut the entire exercise requirements. Most dogs require about 30 to 60 minutes of physical activity a day. The aim is that your furry pal is slowed down, channelizing most of his energy, by the time you stop.


      Active breeds, as well as active age groups (i.e. puppies), require a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise, preferably daily. A general rule of thumb is exercising your pup for four minutes per month of age, twice a day (that is, three months = 13 minutes twice a day, four months = 16 minutes twice a day, and so on). However, remember each dog is different, so choose accordingly. Don’t be too harsh with your pooch.


      Health condition: In case of any medical condition, like respiratory issues, hip dysplasia, etc it is recommended to check in with your vet about deducing an appropriate exercise routine that will help your pooch stay healthy without causing discomfort.


      Dog’s breed: High-energy breeds, such as Belgian Malinois or Border Collies require more physical activities than breeds with a low energy quotient such as pug, Basset Hound, or the Bulldog.


      Size plays an important role in determining the daily exercise requirements as well. For example, large dog breeds like shepherds, retrievers or collies, require more exercise; while smaller breed dogs, such as pugs, Maltese's, or terriers, don't require much daily physical activity.


      Senior Dogs also need exercise. The exercise requirements depend on its health condition, breed, and size. In general, it’s best to keep the exercise regular yet gentle. Exercise is important, but remember to choose what your senior pooch can comfortably handle.

To conclude, live by the philosophy that an active dog is a healthy dog. And incorporate exercise in your pooch’s schedule without compromising much with his comfort.

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