How Men Can Benefit From Laser Hair Removal In Delhi

by Rohit Verma executive

There is no doubt that super-hairy guys need to groom their body hair. While there are traditional options available like shaving, trimming and waxing, one can think beyond the ordinary by choosing Laser Hair Removal in Delhi.

While many people are aware of the functioning of lasers, a few still do not have a very clear picture of the treatment and why it must be done. During the laser hair removal procedure, the laser beam bypasses the epidermis, targeting the hair follicles. With the sessions, the hair follicles are destroyed and the hair shaft weakens. Hence, no hair grows. At Dermaworld Skin Clinic, one can find excellent results and affordable Laser Hair Removal Cost in Delhi. Today, an average guy prefers laser hair removal treatment. Let's find why.

Laser hair removal treatment is becoming a primary choice for men as well:-

a. Some guys have excessive body hair

Many men are quite uncomfortable with a hairy back, chest, stomach or the entire body. Also, many people have a misconception that this treatment will leave one completely hairless. No one is going to look like a hairless fitness model unless one desires for it. Men choose lasers to have finer and lesser hair on the body for a relatively longer period.

b. Health and Hygiene

Men with more hair are not unhygienic. It is just that some men feel having sparser hair is a step towards hygiene. Also, dirt or dust gets stuck in the bushes of hair. Excessive hair often causes itchiness. Having sparser hair is a great relief, especially during the summer. Men feel more confident to flaunt their muscles rather than a hairy body. Find safe and effective Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Delhi at Dermaworld Skin Clinic with Dr. Rohit Batra.

c. Shaving is a task

Shaving regularly is a tedious task. Well, in a few professions, men must be clean shaved or have a minimal beard. Often men suffer from Pseudofolliculitis Barbae. Pseudofolliculitis Barbae is also known as razor bumps. In this condition, one finds inflammation and bumps after shaving. These are ingrown hair which is a painful condition. This may often leave behind scars. Hence, men who often suffer from ingrown hair choose laser treatment over shaving.

d. Hairstyling - is a choice

Strange but true! Many men prefer remaining bald or love the sporadic balding type of hair hairstyle. It is a choice.

Sessions Required

Wondering how many sessions would be required? Laser hair removal treatment sessions depend upon various factors like the area of the treatment (Hair growth may be rapid or slow in different areas. Also, the area may be large or small). A leading dermatologist Dr. Rohit Batra offers excellent results for Best Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Delhi and can guide the best. Usually, 6 to 7 sessions within an interval of 2 to 4 weeks would be sufficient for the complete treatment.

A few tips can help achieve better results:-

• One needs to shave or trim (Not wax) before the treatment. The laser targets the pigment. For short hair within the skin, the laser can travel comfortably and destroy the hair follicles.
• Avoid tanning (Excessive exposure to the sun). Lasers would work effectively in such cases.
• Some people may have sensitive skin. When to hit the gym, take a hot shower, etc. all depends on the dermatologist. He can guide better than anyone else.

The dermatologist will examine the skin and type of body hair. Then he would choose laser that would suit the best.

Best of luck for the laser hair removal session!

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