Things To Know Before You Opt For A Laser Hair Removal Treatment!

by Rohit Verma executive
Hair removal alternatives like waxing and shaving are preferred by most of us but we all know that these are temporary solutions and have to be repeated almost every month or fortnight. However, people who are tired of waxing and shaving have started giving laser hair removal treatments a shot. Permanent laser hair removal is actually fast becoming people’s preferred choice because of so many reasons, first because it gives you a permanent solution to your problem. If you are going for the treatment in Delhi, then there are many aspects to laser hair removal procedure and one must consider all of them before taking the plunge including permanent laser hair removal cost in Delhi. 

How does laser work?

In this procedure, a pigment called melanin is targeted that resides in the bulge region deep within the hair follicle. The hair follicle after getting heated up gets completely destroyed, eliminating the hair growth. It is important to understand that you will have to go for several treatments to achieve optimum results.

Who’s an ideal candidate?

Laser hair removal is great treatment for people with darker hair and lighter skin. It is not recommended for people with darker skin tone because the pigment in the upper layers of the skin absorbs the laser light, heats up and can lead to a burn in the skin. Similarly, laser hair removal for people with fair hair is less effective.

Where does permanent laser hair removal work best?

Permanent laser hair removal works effectively on lower legs, underarms and bikini area. It is slightly difficult to treat facial hair because the hair is often finer and hormonally stubborn.

How many laser sessions are enough?

The number of sessions required depend on the area that is being treated. Normally, at least 5-10 treatments are needed to achieve optimum results. Areas with coarser darker hair respond best to laser hair removal like lower legs, bikini and underarms. The face usually requires consistent effort and repeated sessions.  Sometimes the hair grows back and may still need intermittent treatments every year or so to maintain the effects.

What should be your treatment cycle?

Permanent laser hair removal treatment is performed at the one-month interval. If the hair grows back very quickly then you should go for the treatment more often, within 2-3 weeks in the beginning.

What to avoid before & after the treatment?

You should always avoid sun exposure as having a tanned skin increases the risk of burn and hyperpigmentation from the permanent laser hair removal treatment. Avoid waxing before the treatment because you need hair for a hair removal treatment.

What are the different types of lasers?

Diode lasers cover a range of skin types as long it is not tanned. For darker skin types, long-pulse Nd:Yag laser is good. It has a longer wavelength and goes deeper into the layers of the skin.

How much does a permanent laser hair removal cost?

Permanent laser hair removal cost in Delhi is different from a laser hair removal treatment cost in other cities. You must sit down with your doctor to determine a suitable treatment plan for you knowing how much would it cost in advance.

Opt for a permanent laser hair removal treatment in Delhi at DermaWorld Skin & Hair Clinic. The clinic is spearheaded by Dr. Rohit Batra, an expert cosmetic dermatologist and a dermato surgeon. Book an appointment and plan you treatment accordingly. You can talk out all your apprehensions with the doctor and also check with him about permanent laser hair removal cost in Delhi before you decide to get it done.


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