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Ever thought about getting rid of unwanted hair from your body? If you are among those who spend like hours a week shaving those unwanted hair, you’ve probably often hankered for an easier and more permanent solution to handle the hair. Sure, there’s waxing, but that’s not equally a walk in the park either. And then there’s laser which helps to zap away your unwanted hair permanently. This high-tech method continues to improve the achievement of a more permanent reduction and giving you a fuzz free skin. Getting laser treatment is totally safe and can give you awesomely silky result, but only if you go somewhere legit. Dermaworld is the best Permanent hair removal clinic in Delhi.

Laser hair removal is a technique which emit a gentle beam of light that passes through the skin to the hair follicle and remove hair beneath the skin’s surface. But before taking the plunge, the the thought of light beams hitting your body can be daunting. Also, the questions like does it really work,what is the procedure, is it costly, does it has any side effects, and several other queries keep you in two minds. Don’t worry, we are here to bring into your knowledge everything you ever wanted to know about Laser Hair

Following are the two main laser treatments which are popularly being used today:

Diode Laser – This gives relatively fast results and almost no downtime after the procedure. It has a longer wavelength which means it penetrates deeper into the skin. It concentrates laser beams on the melanin on the hair shaft and thus induces destruction of associated hair follicle. This works best for dark and coarse hair. If you desire to get Diode Laser Hair Removal In Delhi, then Dr. Rohit Batra is the best match for you.

Alexandrite Laser – It works best on skin surface with olive or light skin tone. The treatment is relatively faster and has a shorter wavelength. However, the results are quite satisfying on light colored and fine hair.
Choose the best treatment according to your skin types & skin color.

Dr. Rohit Batra makes use of “Gold Standard” technology for each and every Laser Hair Removal and hence is a trusted name for permanent laser hair removal in Delhi.

Different body parts which can be treated
It can be performed on different parts of your body. Any body part with thicker hair will have better results then an area where fine hair are there.
Following are the areas where treatment can be provided:

Full Body
Painful or Pain Free

The pain during the procedure of Laser Hair removal depends on 3 factors
1. Thickness of hair
2. Technology and Quality of Laser used for the procedure .
3. Experience and Expertise of the treating Dermatologist and therapist performing the procedure.

Laser Hair Reduction is a procedure which greatly varies on the machine being used. There are innumerable types and technologies of machines being used from IPL to diode lasers. At Dermaworld Skin and Hair Clinics the LHR is done by Soprano Ice. This is a third generation diode laser whose motto is “ PAIN FREE, HAIR FREE “ laser hair reduction.

Quick Facts about Laser Hair Removal
1. You must not be sun tanned and must avoid outdoors at least 4 weeks prior to the hair removal process.
2. You shall not expect a completely hair free skin in just 1 sitting. It takes several sessions to get that silky smooth skin.
3. Ask for a patch test before the actual procedure to understand the effect of laser on your skin.
4. Technically, it’s the reduction of hair and no technology can claim to give you 100% hair free skin. The hair that grows after the completion of the procedure is relatively fine and are hardly visible. That’s why many of the skin specialists are now using the term ‘Laser Hair Reduction’ to avoid confusions in a patient’s mind.

Pocket Friendly or Beyond

Cost of Laser Hair removal depends on various factors namely:
1. Area for which laser hair removal is being considered. A small area like upper lips or chin will cost a fraction of a cost compared to a large area like legs or arms.
2. Technology and Brand of Laser used for the procedures.

A laser hair removal facility using an IPL laser or an old conventional diode laser machine will definitely charge less then an up to date clinic using the latest, safest and best SUPER HAIR REMOVAL in motion Diode and Alexendrite technologies. And if wondering for Permanent Laser Hair Removal Cost In Delhi, Dermaworld give their clients the best of world class experience of Laser Hair removal at very affordable prices.

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