How Does Gel Memory Foam Mattress Makes Sleep Cooler

by Bill Sawaski Sales coordinator at Sleep Icon

You must have heard and read about the cooling effect of gel memory foam mattress. This is because gel memory foam is engineered to improve memory foam. However, the real question is does gel memory foam makes sleep cooler? Get answer of this question along with information like the difference between gel memory foam and traditional memory foam, how does gel memory foam works, and much more on this page. 

The Difference Between Gel Memory Foam And Memory Foam 

Memory foam mattress reacts to the body temperature and counters the body shape giving you a comfortable and undisturbed sleep. To add viscosity and elasticity in it is treated by chemicals. Memory foam has some very exciting features that make it so sought after. Some of them are:

- It has an excellent ability to counters to the body shape. All types of sleepers find it comfortable. 

- It supports pressure points. Thus, provide relief in different body pain.

- It is very effective in minimizing motion. Motion remain isolated to only an area of the bed.

- The gel memory foam is an advance version of memory foam. It's enhanced characteristics make it the best memory foam mattress.  

What Is Gel Memory Foam?

As said, gel foam is an advance version of memory foam. It has some added features. One of the features is its cooling property. In this foam, beads or tiny gel particles are added. The infused gel increases airflow in the mattress and controls the temperature.

However, when the question comes “does gel memory foam mattress makes sleep cooler?” The answer is, yes! But to have unsurpassed experience, knowing about different types of gel foam is important.

The thermal gel mattress is cold in touch. When body heat comes in contact with it, it cools it down and helps in controlling the body temperature.

Phase changing gel mattress is another mattress that gives cool sleep. The gel turns from solid to liquid when comes in contact with the body heat. It cools down the mattress from inside out.

Conclusion, when you are yearning for cooler sleep with gel memory foam, don’t shop in the hurry. The gel foam has many varieties with much improved features. You would be able to shop the best mattress if you will not do a comparative study. You can check with Sleep Icon to get the best quality and affordable memory foam mattress of different specification, versions, sizes and features. 

Other Benefits Of Buying Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Gel memory foam is inbuilt with excellent temperature control technology. In addition to this, the foam has many other features that make it an excellent choice. Some of them are: 

Comfort - The gel memory foam when treated by chemicals, it becomes more advance gel memory foam. So, on the foam, you will have a signature feel. If you are trying it for the first time, you will never go for anything else. And, if you have used memory foam mattress before, you can switch to gel foam to experience more comfort. 

Great Support - After the temperature control technology, the second-best feature of gel foam is its stiffness. Yes, you won’t get the feeling of sinking too much in this foam, but you will get the memory foam softness and the body contouring effect in this as well.

Relief From Back Pain - Most of the side sleepers complain of back pain. This is because while sleeping on the sides, traditional mattresses don’t support the pressure points. However, this doesn’t happen with memory and gel memory foam. It supports every point of the body in all positions. It’s response to body weight and the temperature is excellent. It keeps the spine alignment perfect during the sleep giving you comfortable sleep all through the night.

Overall, gel memory foam mattress is one of the best mattresses to have uninterrupted sleep.

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