Know The Properties Of The Memory Foam Mattress That Make It First Pick

by Bill Sawaski Sales coordinator at Sleep Icon
The memory foam mattress is the first pick of buyers who look for a comfortable sleep. The reason for the same is that the memory foam has many properties that give mattresses made from it a range of features. If you are planning to buy a memory foam, you must be aware of these properties so that you make the right selection.

Features Of Memories Foam

NASA introduced this foam in 1966. Initially, the foam was too expensive to make mattresses and pillows. With time, new generation memory foams came, and it became easier for people in the mattress industry to manufacture affordable memory foam mattresses for mass. The properties of memory foam that make it so sought after, expensive and comfortable include

It Is Temperature Sensitive - NASA manufactured memory foam for a purpose. That time it was very sensitive to pressure and temperature. The mattress manufacturers after making lots of changes in original memory foam developed the modern-day memory foam. Still, the foam inherits some of its novel properties. One of that is foam's sensitivity to temperature. The foam softens when it comes in contact with the body. This makes it effective in countering with the body shape giving a comfortable sleep to the individual lying on it.

The Response Time Of Mattress - When you apply pressure on memory foam, it softens but gets back to its normal state when you remove the pressure. This is the response time. The new age memory foam mattresses like open-cell memory foam have a shorter response time. The advantage of the same is that with the smaller response time, the foam takes less time in retaining its shape after pressure is removed. If you dislike memory foam mattress because you get feeling of sinking in bed with memory foam mattress, you should buy open-cell memory foam with less response time. 

Its Durability - The density of the foam is directly proportional to its durability, and memory foam is a dense foam. However, memory foam mattresses are available in different density. Check the density of foam before buying. According to experts, density less than 4 lb./ ft³ does not last long, and density above 5.3 lb./ft³ makes mattress uncomfortable. It is perfect to buy a mattress of density between 4-5.3.

The Temperature Control Mechanism - The major problem with memory foam mattress is that it gets too hot, which disturbs the sleep. But the new age mattresses have overcome this problem by inducing heat control technology in it. Gel memory foam is one that has temperature control technology. The foam doesn’t lock air inside. It allows the movement of air that keeps the mattress cool. 

Its Hypoallergenic - Memory foam as has a dense structure that doesn’t allow dust, allergens, moulds and other microorganisms make their way into it. This makes it foam free from allergies. Many other types of foams available in the market are not as dense as memory foam. People using it often face the problem of coughing and sneezing in the bed. Bad odour is also a problem that memory foam tends to eliminate. 

If you have a tilt toward memory foam, buy the best memory foam mattress comparing other mattresses on the aforementioned characteristics. 

Now when you know the characteristics of memory foam mattresses, check its different types. This will make your selection easier.

• Traditional memory foam - Designed for cradling support, the foam also enhance blood circulation and reduce stress on joints.

• Open Cell Memory Foam - It has a faster response time. It eliminates the problem of sinking. Have better air circulation that also solves the heating up problem.

• Gel Memory Foam - It reduces pressure points, giving comfort that you always look for.

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