How Do You Create Significant Change within Yourself?

by Jeremy Banks Evolutesix
We all have something within ourselves that we want to change. Some of us want to learn new skills, be better in their craft, improve their relationships, while some others just want to be more comfortable in their own skin. 

However, wanting to change is different from actually doing something to change and improve. The only way to truly begin the process of change is to take the first step. But when you’re uncertain and afraid of change (which more of us are), recognizing which direction to take the first step in can be confusing.


Confusing “first step”

This can be as confusing as making a decision about what to get for dinner. Do you want what’s more convenient? Do you want it easy? Are you okay with time-consuming methods? There’s an overwhelming number of possibilities and you can only make one choice.

But like choosing what food to get for dinner, the answer is usually dependent on what you want to get from it and how you want to feel afterwards. Do you want to work with more people and form better relationships with important people in your life and colleagues? Social development coaching can help you achieve that. 

There are companies that offer comprehensive social development coaching program through peer to peer coaching. This means participants get to work with their other people like their colleagues or other individuals who have the same goals as them. They get to explore together and grow together.

If you’re one who wants to take steps towards personal growth, working with a self-development coach is the way to go. A self-development coach provides different patterns in communication and thought-processing so you get to better understand yourself and the people around. This allows you to form better relationships with people around you. It also allows you to better communicate with other, as well as discover more about yourself.

What Comes Next?

Okay, so you successfully took the first step. Congratulations! What now? The key is to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Yes, it can get exhausting and stressful. But it’s all part of growth. 

Once you’ve sealed in the first step, know that you’re readily on your way to your goal. When you work with a self development coach or enroll yourself to a self-development program, the next step will not even be a problem.

When you’re with the right people, you get to be fearlessly yourself. When you know that you’re in a safe space, you have less worries about what is there to come. At this point, you have to remember that growth is a result of consistent conscious effort.

Growth Takes Time

Not just time, actually. Growth happens with time and practice. When you enroll in a coaching program you are given different thought and communication processes you can use. However, it’s important to remember that learning them is different from applying them. 

Application of coaching methods and practices happen in real life. Not within a dojo. The key to growth is using what you learned inside the dojo to real life situations. This is the part where you and the people around you get to determine if your program has actually brought impact to your life and how you deal with different situations.

Growth is not something that happens overnight. It can take a few days to a few years. The duration depends on you, really. However, it’s important to remember that it’s something that’s not impossible to achieve. As cliché as it sounds, nothing really is impossible. Sometimes, you just need to find the right tools, method and environment. When you find the perfect fit for you, growth is then all up to you.

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