How to Create Behavioral Change in Your Business Space

by Rayanne M. Writer

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As a business owner, part of your job is to manage your employees. Sometimes, behaviors show up that are not satisfactory to your needs or to the processes you must complete at your company. If you let these negative actions continue, you could lose customers and revenue. Unsatisfactory behavior by your staff members causes them to lack productivity and fall behind in their duties while at work. You can encourage behavioral change at your business to address these concerns. Learn more about how to start these adjustments in the list below.

1. Provide Training Opportunities to Your Employees

First, you can offer training opportunities to your employees to help them feel more knowledgeable in their roles. Offer customized eLearning platforms that will help your staff become more comfortable in their positions. Your employees will lack productivity if they do not feel comfortable doing the tasks you provide. They will also not want to continue with your company if they do not feel there are advancement opportunities. When you provide your employees with educational platforms, you can help them feel valued. Give your staff some type of reward for completing the training, including potential advancement opportunities.

2. Provide Open Communication to Your Employees

You should keep communication open between yourself and your employees. Provide feedback to your staff members to help them grow, and make it personalized to show that you care. Prove to your employees that you want to be a coach to them to ensure you can help them advance in their roles. Your staff members will want to support you when they know that you do what you can to help them in their jobs. Help your employees see the progress they made to allow them to feel proud of themselves.

3. Create Team Goals

When you provide constructive criticism to your employees, you can help them with individual goals. You should also enhance a sense of teamwork and build a community among yourself and your entire staff. Hold meetings where you can all discuss group goals together to help the company grow. Your staff members can help hold each other accountable to ensure they can recognize negative behavior, encouraging their co-workers to make changes for their goals. Provide some type of incentive for when your employees reach their outcomes, including options like raises and paid time off.

4. Reward Your Employees

As mentioned, you should try to reward your employees when they meet the goals that you work on with them. If you notice other positive behaviors, you should try to incentivize those staff members. Call your employees into your office when they go above and beyond the job tasks they have to follow under your orders. Do not be afraid to approach your staff members about the negative actions you perceive. Encourage them to change in the manners needed for your company to continue to grow. Prevent the consequences that come from those negative behaviors before it is too late.

5. Focus on Only One Issue at a Time

Finally, try to only focus on one problem at a time. You do not want to overwhelm your employees with the issues you see, as this may make them feel less motivated. Identify the primary behavior causing an issue in your company. Help them identify steps that will allow them to make a change to create more positive behaviors. Move on to a new problem after your employees conquer the first. Start big, going to smaller issues over time, to ensure you do not give added stress to your staff members.

Make Behavioral Change at Your Business

If your employees engage in negative behaviors while at work, it can cause issues throughout your company. You can help your staff members change their ways by providing incentives in several different ways. Start by providing training opportunities to ensure your employees want to grow and learn. Help them meet goals with constructive criticism that comes with their learning. You should also focus on team objectives to build a sense of family in your company. When your employees meet their goals, provide rewards. Finally, when addressing behaviors, try to start small. You do not want to overwhelm them when they first receive feedback from you and other executives.

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