How Can A Ruby on Rails Application Perform Better And Faster

by Gary Ferguson Technical Writer | Blogger

Ruby on Rails is highly used because it can make the development process faster and provides a huge collection of libraries to make it easier for developers to bring more productivity & efficiency. Ruby on rails development services helps in fulfilling client's expectations according to the market trend and provides user satisfaction. But an application is only considered when it can run fastly. Most users don't bother about returning to an app that runs slow and takes more than 2-4 seconds to load. Application load time is always a priority of any web application development company.

The performance and success of an application rely on speed, otherwise, there will be a decrease in apps rating and its users. So, what's the best way to keep an application performing better.

Web Hosting Provider

It's important that you wisely choose a web hosting provider as they offer server management and backup services. This is also important when it comes to application speed. There are various hosting packages available with different features, that work well with ruby on rails development like Cloud hosting, which offers a scalable platform that is flexible, efficient, and reliable. Cloud hosting makes your hardware virtual and it's quite cost-efficient.

Then there is Dedicated hosting which provides a dedicated physical server, which gives the owner full control as there is no other users' account on that server. This kind of hosting is best suited to those where speed is crucial like enterprise-grade projects and high-load web applications, etc.

Virtual private server (VPS) offers a share of a physical server to the clients. Clients need to pay for hardware resources. This is an affordable hosting and a better option for websites with average traffic.

There are other hosting providers in the market like AmazonWeb services, Google cloud platform, etc. that are also applicable for a ruby on rails applications.

Eradicate the N+1 query issue

This is the reason for slow performance in Ruby on Rails applications. N+1 means the instances where one line of code ends up with a lot of queries. It becomes a bigger concern as the project gets bigger, hence, for an application to perform better, developers need to bring down the number of independent database queries.

This can be done via eager loading associated relations, here the developers need to collect related data queries. Developers need to understand the performance issue and should have the idea of how to optimize the newly introduced issues. Eliminating this issue is really significant.

Gems & plugins

Ruby on Rails uses various gems & plugins to build an application and speed up the entire development process. These gems & plugins can manage issues concerning APIs, Active Records, testing, debugging, payments, deployment, authorization, authentication, security, etc.

Background processing

This helps in improving the performance of the ruby on rails applications, they can help with calculating statistics, send emails, run reports, process videos, etc. they are like a scheduled task that is run periodically over the day. Sidekiq helps Ruby on Rails to handle background jobs.

Content delivery network (CDN)

CDN is a practice to speed up application regardless of the language and framework used. CDNs provide edge nodes across the globe for files to be near a user's location. This helps in a quick load of web content like CSS, HTML, JavaScript, images, and videos in various locations.

Add indexes in the database

When an application gets traffic, the database tables expand resulting in slowing down the application. That's why it is better to add indexes to the database for queries to take less time to execute. This helps the engine to look for specific records quickly without wasting any time. For faster lookup indexes can also be added to joint tables, foreign keys, and polymorphic relationships.

These are a few tips that can help in building a Ruby on Rails application that performs better and satisfies users. Look for a Web Application Development Company that can help you with choosing the right web hosting and work along the lines to help with providing the best ruby on rails web development services.

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