Why Ruby on Rails Should be your Choice of Framework for Web Application Development.

by Gary Ferguson Technical Writer | Blogger

When it comes to rapid prototyping of web applications or a website, ruby on rails development is the most widely chosen option? What are the reasons that make Ruby on Rails development an ideal choice of framework for development? To begin with, Ruby on Rails framework is easy to work with a framework for developers as it provides an ideal code structure and ruby gems to aid in building the application logic. 

One of the key principles of Ruby on Rails is to follow convention over configuration. This essentially means the developer is armed with present conventions which helps in developing the application. With time Ruby on Rails framework has matured into a stable framework and amassed a large community in support for the same. This overall smooth ens the ruby on rails development and largely improves the development speed as well. 

Now that the advantages of Ruby on the Rails platform are known let's take a look why it makes an excellent choice of framework for web application development. 

  1. Ruby on rails development offers rapid development due to it's oop nature and availability of appropriate gems to be used with the associated project.

  2. Agile development is what precisely Ruby on rails development advocates. This makes the overall development process to be flexible and promote collaboration amongst different teams. 

  3. RESTful application design, a style of software architecture the emphasis on client-server relationship. and logical structure within applications. This makes it easy to integrate with API or use it as an API. 

  4. Ruby is an easy to read language so if in case you already have an existing project that needs to be built it'll be easy for the developers to understand the previous code. This is owing to the present conventions that Ruby on rails development imposes and excludes the need of having custom configurations.

  5. The support ruby on rails development enjoys in the form of a large community. Community composed of active Ruby on Rails developers that contribute towards bettering the framework by offering updates, tips to write maintainable code, reusable gems, etc. All this makes Ruby on rails development a robust platform.

  6. If you're building and the initial version of your web application then Ruby allows you to rapidly prototype to showcase the logic and yet let you build on it in the background. It allows you to add features or make changes later on as well. And with ruby on rails development, you need not worry about the high amount of traffic as it scales easily to accommodate the growing needs of your web application. All in all, it offers excellent flexibility to your web application development, especially for startups. 

  7.  Ruby on rails offers robust support for frontend and backend as well. And since language is the same across the board the development becomes easy for developers as switching becomes easy and reduces development time for the business.

  8. Lastly Ruby on Rails framework is an open-source framework, there's no license fee involved and it also ensures and safeguards your business logic so that your code isn't publicly visible.

Looking at these benefits many A-list companies such as Twitter, Github, Airbnb, Fiverr choose ruby on rails development. So ruby on rails framework makes an excellent choice if you are looking out for developing web applications or even a website from scratch. You can fully take advantage of Ruby on Rails web development services offered by various ruby on rails web development company across the globe. By outsourcing your development project it only makes it a cost-effective option but also allows you to focus on important aspects for your business. 

Author Bio: The author of this bio is an experienced solution architect working with a custom software and blockchain development company in La Mesa, CA. He has experience of 10+ years in implementing solutions for various projects.

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