Hotels Need to Capitalize on these Technology Trends in 2023

by Natasha Cooper Technology Writer

Technology is at the forefront of bringing changes in the hotel industry. In a short period of time, technology has permeated every aspect of the hotel industry.

From the first step where the users start looking for a hotel room, to the time when users leave their feedback for the stay at the hotel, the use of technology is paramount for every activity in the hotel. One of the first steps a hotel can take is to use a cloud-based hotel management software for managing the day to day operations in the hotel premises. Using technology is essential for businesses for streamlining processes, reducing costs, improving staff productivity and enhancing customer experience.

cloud-based hotel management software is powered by cloud technology that is designed with the end-user in the mind. The key benefit of a cloud hotel software is that it has a short learning curve, so new as well as experienced hotel employees can quickly get used to working with the PMS. Another benefit is the high degree of customization available in the hotel software, the hotel staff can adjust the software to suit their particular needs.

There are many benefits for the hotels to start using modern technology in their premises as their guests also expect the hotel to be equipped with the latest technological innovations that make their stay comfortable, safe, and memorable. In most cases, a cloud-based hotel management software can form the backbone of the technological stack used by the hotel. Being powered by cloud technology means that the software will always be up to the date and protected by high-end encryption for data safety

Taking a cue from the way business changed in the pandemic years, hotels have to understand that using technology in their property can only help them to be more productive and profitable.

Here are the four popular trends that are going to be impactful for the hotel industry in 2023. If you are looking to take the profits of your property to the next level, then it is pertinent that you pay attention to these trends and understand how you can utilize them for the benefit of your property.

Mobile Apps

A branded hotel mobile app is the way to go for modern hotels that want to impress their guests. When guests download an app that has the hotel’s branding on it, they are able to form a trustworthy image of the hotel in their mind. Guests can use the app to digitally check-in and check-out while completely bypassing the front desk.

Guests can also find information about the property as well as nearby attractions through the mobile app. In the post-covid world where guests are at times reluctant to touch surfaces or interact directly with the staff, a mobile app can be helpful in creating a contact-free property.

AI and Chatbots

AI and chatbots are the next step in automation and usage of technology. The guests can talk to the bots to get information about the hotel and more. The AI can be programmed to answer questions and give suggestions to the guests based on their needs. Whether the guests need to know about the latest dishes served in the hotel restaurant or they need to call room service to get their room cleaned, AI can do all that and more.

Using AI in the hotel means your staff is free to focus on other tasks that are more important for the proper functioning of the hotel. Furthermore, you can customize the chatbot to answer specific questions and give useful suggestions to the guests. If your hotel has a mascot or a logo, you can design that into the chatbot and the guests will have a better recognition and recall of your hotel’s chatbot.

Smart Devices

There are a number of ways in which smart devices can be used in the hotel rooms and the hotel premises. From voice controlled illumination, temperature controls, entertainment systems such as playing music or video, along with security features, everything can be controlled by smart devices through voice control only.

Smart devices can also help guests to stream content from their accounts on Netflix, Spotify, or Amazon Prime and access their content library from their hotel room. With the help of these smart devices, hotels can offer a unique and personalized experience to their guests while also saving time and money.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is one of the most innovative technologies that are being used in the hospitality industry. In hotels, AR can be used to enhance the guest experience by providing interactive maps, virtual tours, and immersive experiences. This technology can also be used for marketing purposes as well as for training staff and improving operations. By implementing AR in their hotels, businesses are able to increase customer engagement and satisfaction while also cutting costs associated with manual labor and traditional advertising techniques.

Using a Hotel PMS is the first step towards creating a hotel property that makes great use of the technology available in the market. When the staff is familiar with the technology, they can use it to enhance the experience of the guests. The ideal use of technology also helps the staff to increase their productivity. In the current state of the hospitality industry, hiring and training new staff members can be difficult, but with cloud technology, many daily tasks can be handled by the software.


Managers of modern hotels need to understand that the sooner they employ the latest technology in their hotel, the better it is for their business. With high-end technology, hotels can ensure they are ahead of the curve and they offer the latest and greatest to their guests. At mycloud Hospitality, you can get the most advanced cloud-based hotel management software solutions available in the market. The software suite offered by the company has been designed while keeping the needs of the users in mind. Whether it is a small hotel, a B&B, or a large hotel chain, the software can be customized to suit their needs and it can also be scaled along with the growth of the business. Interested in learning more? Check out

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