Hotels Can Improve their Profits by Using Cloud-Based Hotel Management Software

by Mycloud Hospitality Software Development

There are many factors that determine the success or failure of a business in the hospitality industry, but overall success is largely dependent on one factor, guest satisfaction. A superior experience for guests means they would choose a property again and also tell their friends and family members to choose that property for their stay. To get this kind of word-of-mouth publicity, hotel managers need to ensure that they are handling all duties at the property in a smooth and professional manner.

Best Hotel software can help the managers in creating unique workflows that cater to the exact needs of their property. Whether it is a small B&B or a large hotel chain, cloud-based hotel management software can help in the management of all kinds of properties. By keeping the focus on guest satisfaction, hotels can use the cloud hotel software to bring the latest technology to their hotel. This technology can include anything from contactless check-in and check-out to AI and chatbots to handle guest queries.

From getting the best price for the hotel room and contactless check-in to minimal interaction with the staff of the hotel, a cloud-based hotel management software can achieve all this and much more. Guests can also communicate with the hotel staff through an app on their phone in order to reduce the instances of face to face communication. Cloud-based hotel management software offers a wide range of features that hotel managers can pick and choose from to suit their workflow.

Three ways in Which Hotels Can Improve Profits by Using Hotel Software


  1. Extensive Analytics and In-Depth Performance Reports - One of the keys to improving profits is to understand the areas of the hotel that need to be upgraded. Getting extensive reports about the hotel’s performance is one way to understand where the hotel’s staff or management is lacking the steps that can be taken to fix these issues. Hotel software can provide in-depth reports about everything from staff performance to sales, occupancy rates, inventory management, and much more. Managers can get in-depth reports to understand how the hotel performs through the year so they can take steps to improve the performance of the hotel.


  1. Effective Handling of Customer Bookings - An important part of the hotel software is the booking engine that handles the requests from different OTAs. Hotels often have customers requesting accommodation through direct phone calls, booking websites, travel agents, and the hotel website too. A hotel booking engine takes care of the guest requirements from various sources to ensure rooms are not double booked or over-booked.


The booking engine also takes care of the payment processing by providing guests with various payment options to choose from. Hotels can also put their branding on the booking engine’s interface as it adds to the comfort and trust of the guests that they are dealing with a reputed business. As the details of the stay are entered by the guests, there is very little chance of any mistakes or discrepancies happening due to data entry. In essence, a booking engine is a great way to manage room inventory.


  1. Effective Social Media Usage - Hoteliers need to understand this simple fact that social media is an important part of an effective business strategy in today’s times. A large chunk of a hotel’s business can be impacted by their online presence. Whether it is the hotel’s staff handling the social media accounts of the hotel on Facebook and Instagram or it could be the online reputation management of the hotel on Google Reviews and search engine listings.


A robust hotel software will offer plugins for popular search engines and social media platforms so that managers can keep an eye on the hotel’s online presence through a simple dashboard. Hotels can also leverage social media for advertising to their chosen customer segments while answering queries from guests on social media or under reviews on online travel websites.


A cloud hotel software gives hoteliers a better understanding of how various parts of their hotel can work better in sync with each other. By using a cloud-based hotel software, hotel owners can ensure they offer a wonderful stay to their guests. Hotels can also improve the productivity of their staff members when they use software that is customized to the needs of their team.

Small hotels might need software that is more geared towards room and guest management and large hotel chains will have different requirements from their software stack such as managing multiple properties. This is why software customization is an essential feature when it comes to choosing a hotel PMS software suite. Getting the right software can do wonders for the overall performance and profits of a property.


As the hotel industry changes, hoteliers and managers need to be quick to include new technology in their day to day operations. Adopting new technologies and making the staff familiar with the use of these technologies is the key to getting ahead of the competition. Modern software is essential for making a good impression on the guests while adding to the productivity of the staff members. One important aspect that managers need to keep in mind while choosing new software is that the software should be easy to use and scalable with the business.

At mycloud Hospitality, managers can find a cloud-based hotel management software suite that is used by hotels all over the world. The team behind the software suite has several years of hospitality industry experience and the software is created with needs of the end-user in mind. If you want to take your hotel property to the next level of success, give mycloud Hospitality a try. Before you use the software for managing your property, you can schedule a free trial by getting in touch with the mycloud Hospitality team at +1-415-390-5039. You can also browse through for more information.

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