Adding Security to a Hotel Property Through a Cloud based Hotel Management Software

by Mycloud Hospitality Software Development

In modern times, the security of the guests and the hotel staff has become the primary concern of the hotel management. This security also extends to the belongings of the guests and their overall health and well-being from the moment they step through the doors of your hotel. In this highly competitive hospitality sector, guests have a number of options to choose from when they need a place to stay. When they know that a hotel has modern amenities and high-end security measures, they are more likely to choose your property for their stay.

Due to the staffing shortages caused by the pandemic, hotel owners need to get smart about how they present their property to prospective guests. Using a cloud PMS is one way to ensure their property ticks all the boxes when looking for a place to stay. Ensuring the security of the guests is high on that list, and a cloud based hotel management software is the ideal way to overcome challenges and present a safe and memorable experience for the guests.

Understaffed hotels might be the reality that you face as a hotel manager, but it is definitely not something that you have to live with. There are ways around a staff shortage, and if you judiciously use your cloud PMS, you can divide the workload among the staff to distribute duties judiciously. For example, a single staff member can be tasked with monitoring CCTV cameras throughout the hotel to ensure security is top-notch on the premises.

The Evolving Roles of Hotels in Today’s Times

The role of hotels has changed in recent times as more travelers are using hotels as places to conduct business meetings, work from home, staycation, and more. All these activities in the premise, present a range of unique challenges for the hotel managers and staff. Guests are looking for much more than a bed and a room, they are looking to feel secure and safe when they step into a hotel. When guests know that a hotel is proactively taking steps to protect them, they are able to enjoy their stay in a more relaxed state of mind.

Hotels have evolved to be used as bars, convention centers, cafes, restaurants, common areas, and much more. There are crowds of all sizes and age groups in a hotel at any given time, and this creates more instances where guests have to interact with a non-guest crowd. Hotel staff need to ensure that the safety of the guests is not compromised when they are hanging around in the common areas, which is why forward thinking security solutions are the need of the hour.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which you can use your cloud PMS to ensure security is maintained through the hotel.

Cloud-Based Security

When your hotel’s security system is powered by the cloud, you can save money and also expect a high level of security. Data is secured in the cloud and encrypted to ensure additional safety. The right security system will allow your team to monitor different areas of the hotel with ease. With cloud based software updates, you can rest assured that your system will work properly and have the latest features.

Access Control

Managing access to different areas of the building is a great step towards keeping the patrons safe. A cloud PMS allows you to control access to places like the pool, gymnasium, guestrooms, cafeteria, restaurant, bar and more. Hotel staff can also keep an eye on the entry and exit points through any mobile device with an internet connection. This kind of proactive approach allows you to handle any situation before it becomes an issue for your guests or staff.

Safety of the staff

It is the hotel's responsibility to ensure the staff are safe while they go about their tasks in the hotel. Whether it is cleaning rooms, hauling cleaning supplies or interacting with the guests. In the rare case where an employee might have an altercation with a guest, having a CCTV camera in place can help to diffuse the situation quickly with the intervention of the other staff members. With a cloud PMS in place, you can monitor the exact location of the staff at all times.

Integration with Third Party Applications

One major benefit of the cloud based security systems is that they are easy to integrate with third party applications. These applications add features that might not be present in the cloud PMS by default, and you can also customize these features to suit the needs of your property. Whether you have a large hotel or a small B&B, you can use the power of the cloud based hotel management software to tailor-fit a solution to suit the safety and security needs of your property.


Using a cloud based hotel management software is the first step towards improving the security systems in your hotel. Whether you use the cloud to boost your existing security system in place or install a completely new system, your guests will surely appreciate the safety and peace of mind. At mycloud Hospitality, you can check out a multi-faceted cloud-based hotel management software that is designed while keeping the needs of the end-users in mind. This software is used by hotels and properties all over the world and you can customize it to suit the needs of your property. Interested in learning more? Call +1-415-390-5039 to schedule a free demonstration or browse through for more information.

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