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high-risk merchant account is one of the necessary merchant services for online merchants. But why everyone is looking for a high-risk merchant account? Is it that necessary that made everyone think twice?

Well, of course, because first of all merchant services aren’t that easy to get from banks for many reasons. And before that, you should think that do you need this or not.


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Not everyone gets served on the plate on the table by others. Some need to do self-service. Just like that many merchants feel helpless when they see no growth even after doing some effort. What? Why? What’s the reason? You want to know that right?

Okay, let us tell you the scenario. First, if your business started to lose its goodwill, then get that this is the beginning of some issues. This is the time when you’ll see who are your supporters and who are the backstabbers.

You’ll get an increasing rate in a chargeback, financial losses, and online frauds. Is that for real, or a science fiction story? Well, it’s real. So when it starts to happen with your business, you’ll start to see an imbalance of your business capital.

And that’s the beginning of when you’ll be called a high-risk merchant. Oops! Who’s a high-risk merchant?


Since you felt these scenarios happening with you, you’re worth the title of a “high-risk merchant”. As a high-risk merchant, you get rejected by several banks. The reason is that banks have their reasons, policies, and rules which bind them for the sake of account holders of that bank.

This is why they couldn’t care less. Just because every risky step of their will become a chain of liability on them. Banks won’t mind investing in your business. But before that, you need to show them your credibility.

Now, for credibility, you need some help from experts that been serving the same business like yours for years. Oh, what they called as? They are called “Payment Service Providers”. These people tend to help merchants that carry a business that is unstable and in a reckless condition.


PSPs are everywhere globally. Since you’ve become a high-risk merchant, your business entered the category of high-risk business. As well as entered the high-risk industries too. PSPs are the experts in handling business matters for high-risk merchants in the long run.

So, with them, a high-risk merchant doesn’t need to be afraid of any risk factor. Before you give up on standing again, they’ll make your business stand on the ground again, and run as it should. They provide high-risk merchant services to high-risk merchants.

According to business types they’ve different strategies. Also, they have different merchant services to eliminate such issues. Don’t you think you’ll get worse treatment? They have the tendencies for every high-risk merchant.

Now, they are famous for their two merchant services, and those are high-risk payment gateway and high-risk merchant account. First, let’s get into the high-risk merchant account.

Industrial solution via High-Risk Merchant Account

A high-risk merchant account is generally customized according to high-risk merchants’ businesses. About these high-risk industries, we could say we have a lot to talk about. High-risk industries look for better solutions as they want to spend their money on something useful.

Online transactions are one of their risky operations. As a high-risk merchant, you need to search for a merchant account that can deliver you the services that you need. A high-risk merchant account can satisfy all your needs with its amazing features.

Want One?

Where can you get that? Probably in a shed, right? Nah! Just kidding. You can get this merchant account by contacting a high-risk PSP like HighRisk Gateways. We’ll try to ensure that you don’t feel unsatisfied by the end of the results, and provide you with the best services ever.

Every merchant thinks about a profitable deal to come out from every possible sale. And as a responsible merchant, you’ll look for a sustainable ground with safety measures. With a dedicated high-risk payment gateway, your high-risk merchant account will perform at its best. The combo of both will provide you with successful, faster, and secure payment processing services.

Enhancement of deals | High-Risk Merchant Account

Working in the industry for a long time you must have faced many issues. But the issues related to online transactions made your matter even worse, right? For that, this high-risk merchant account will provide you with the best services from now on.

  • Credit | debit cards for an increase in sales

If you’re a merchant operating your business from your homeland with other countries, then you should approach card payments. Why’s that? It is because credit cards are the most preferred mode of payment than any other mode.

As you must have had experienced, many online consumers demand the option of credit card to pay their bills, right? But did you ever think, why’s that? The reason is quite simple. Consumers get offers on paying with credit cards, such as 50% off, free delivery, gift card, or shopping vouchers.

So, anyone would want to purchase their items with this mode, more than any other. With credit cards acceptance, you’ll get more orders from consumers. Also, it’s a faster way to payout. With such power, you’ll be able to generate much revenue, and profits by the day’s end.

If you’re a merchant with domestic business and want to expand it to other nations then currencies would be playing a major role in your business. With this account, you’d be able to receive payments in various currencies such as Pound, Dollar, and various others for exceptional deals.

You’d be able to drive several global clients to your website and have them by your side. Your online business would be flourished without a hassle. There would be unlimited deals that you can break and global clients you can connect, with such a facility.

This global merchant account paves a way to augment the deals and you can enhance your transaction process. You can connect to numerous countries at a time and promote your online business from anywhere.

As a high-risk merchant, you can expect secure transactions from us. There will be no limit to your everyday transactions, as you’d excel in your business. You can make your payments safer, as well as your global clients would trust your website more.

  • Fraud verification |Secure from Online Frauds

As a high-risk merchant, you may be looking for fraud verification tools for safeguarding your transactions, right? With us, you’d get SSL integration, PCI-DSS compliance, and several more to make your transactions smooth.

Thus you’d be able to secure your payments with this accounts’ high-risk processor that is fully secure. You can generate great deals via this high-risk merchant account as our high-risk payment gateway is safe for transactions. Thus, you’d be able to maintain the security standards for your business.

  • High-Risk Payment Gateway | Secured data

If you’re a merchant running a high-risk business, then you must be looking for safety measures. Yes, you can ask for a Non-3DS and 3DS (S for secure) for secure transactions, preventing frauds, and chargeback.

This high-risk merchant account is capable of providing you with such facilities. You can safeguard all your online transactions via these features. Hence, it’s proven that you can get safe deals with a High-Risk Merchant Account for your business.

Why not try contacting us?

HighRisk Gateways has been serving in the industry since, 2012. And since then we’ve learned many strategies to tackle high-risk issues faster. Bring your issues to us, and we’ll ensure your satisfaction. How’s that? Our experts will clear your every doubt. Try to reach us!


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